What Films You Watching? March 2023 🎞️πŸŽ₯🎞️

Put the chat about the best artistic medium below please

Feb watching pretty weak due to a combo of Sopranos rewatch and getting into Adam Curtis

Watched 6 new, and rewatched Godfather 2 - M was the best, Knock at the Cabin the worst

How dare you, I was just starting the March film thread??? :wink:


February roundup:
Total watched: 27
Best: Happening, Women Talking, Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, The Florida Project, Boy, My Fat Arse And I, Rams. Solid month.
Worst: Tilva Ros (this would have been OK if they didn’t keep saying the N word for no reason), Death of a Shadow (Belgian short film that had some Netflix-looking visual effects)

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Watched in Feb: 2

The Guard (rewatch, still great) and Another Round (pretty pretty good)

Need to watch more films

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My Feb


Gemini Man!

Which film/TV show from Adam Curtis did you watch?

Which got 1 more star than The Whale, Aronofsky will not be happy. =P


Darren Aronofsky is not happy with me–that’s okay, I’ll still keep watching that garbage.

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Started on Hypernormalisation (great, logged as a film to keep my numbers up), The Century of Self (great), then just finished The Trap (interesting but much less good)

Want to work through a big chunk of the rest of his stuff over the year - especially Can’t Get You Out of My Head, Watched Over By Machines and Bitter Lake

These are some very solid scores you have given, I am onside

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Best film, need to rewatch it

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Awesome, glad you’re enjoying them, I binged watched them all last year. Recommend TraumaZone, really well made and pretty interesting given current events.

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I need to watch more of Sean Baker’s films, I really like his style.


these are the ones i watched for the first time

also rewatched sunshine (great) and all of the mission impossibles (the best, thank you thomas for blessing us with these gifts)

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Something for everyone in February

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I haven’t got to Red Rocket yet as I’m pretty sure the lead character is gonna be unlikeable, so need to gear myself up a bit. But must be one of my fav current directors alongside Debra Granik

The fact everyone was so mad about Sunshine turning into a slasher for the last third, despite the fact that it’s great fun and a nice dark contrast to all the β€œrealistic” sci fi of the rest of the film will always bemuse me