What Films You Watching? March 2023 🎞️πŸŽ₯🎞️

Scream 6 was a good time with some killer (heh) set pieces, but definitely not as good as Scream 5. Felt like a few elements were well set up and then not taken full advantage of

Still, fun, would watch again

I saw Pearl yesterday and I’m not into horror as a genre at all but the Kermode review intrigued me and I’m glad I went as I thought it was excellent. Loved the whole golden age of cinema feel and look to it and glad it wasn’t much of a horror either. Sure it touch on the tropes but it wasn’t jump scares or overly graphic violence. Even when you saw the violence it seemed quite over the top and camp (in a good way) that fitted in with the style.

I’m now intrigued about X but is that more a standard horror or is it similar to Pearl?


X is more of a horror, its got a bit of a grimey 70s feel. Obvious comparison is TCM, not as brutal as that though


the daughter character in The Whale is atrocious. whole film is a slog.


So fucking bad. I felt bad for the actor having to deliver such utter drivel but also she did a very, very bad job of delivering it anyway


Rewatched Scream. Did not remember that the finale was so long and full on. What a nonstop banger.

I think I’m dying here!


Very interested in how seeing X after Pearl would play out

I was underwhelmed by X at the time (though I was very into the b movie sexploitation part of it) but maybe with the context and backstory from Pearl it would work better. Still think Pearl is just a lot better realised and framed though


You know what was really underrated imo, that Bones and All from last year, great film


Missing is so well put together. Really toys with your natural expectations in a masterful way. Very creepy at points too. Great stuff.


One of the only films of the year to rival The Whale for being abysmal

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A Zed and Two Noughts is BORRRRRRRINGGGGGG

you’re boring

If I wanted to watch something with Jim Davidson in, I’d stick on Big Break

I enjoyed X but I was a lot more invested in the first half when it’s just the making of a porn film. When it got into the horror stuff I was a bit like oh :disappointed_relieved:

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More 70s style sex b movies now!

I’m going to try it the other way round (horror film that turns into the making of a porno). Actually there might be a lot of films like that already.

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The TV tried putting on Moulin Rouge last night but the amount of camera cuts in the first ten minutes made me feel ill and I couldn’t pay attention to it. We may try again another time…

She’s also told everyone that she knows that I also haven’t seen Titanic before so we put that on instead. I had no idea that’s where the β€œit’s been 84 years” meme came from. It’s fine but I could do without Romeo + Juliet on a sinking ship and the romantic plot loses impact when its so engrained in popular and meme culture at this point anyway. I don’t think the film needed the modern day stuff as well given how overly long it is but the sinking itself is really harrowing.

Still time to go before the film starts but I might be about to get a solo screening of EO. SW6 doesn’t have the appetite for donkeys that the programmers expected…
And it’s a private viewing. Magic.


Few films i watched of late:

Between Two ferns the movie - not seen any of the skits before but found this pretty funny, at times it felt a bit stretched but everyone in it is great. The outtakes during the credits had me in stitches. Full disclosure, i was pretty baked watching this. :slight_smile:

Creed 2 - decent enough, fairly formulaic. Think sly is great in these films though.

Godzilla v King Kong - pretty pish, for something that has the CGI/set pieces etc that this film has i can barely remember anything about it. Instantly forgettable.

The whole film should just be outtakes

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