What Films You Watching? (November 2022)

Ah cool. I wondered if it might be one of these Netflix deals where it shows for a few days and then goes straight to streaming.

Just seen The Menu and was bearing your question in mind. I would say it’s a strong 4 on your scale.

There are four or five moments but they’re very quick.
Punchy and effective but not lingering.

Not sure if that helps.
Decent film though. Good fun and well made.

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Glass Onion

What a disappointment :frowning:

*looks at coat*

*clears throat*

Yeah, John Lennon giving away the twist that the Walrus was Paul probably spoilt it.

Bloody hell Aftersun might be a perfect film. I’m in bits.

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Recently watched:

What’s Up, Doc? - I loved Peter Bogdanovich’s Paper Moon and I’m probably in a very small minority that didn’t like The Last Picture Show. Really loved this one. A perfect screwball comedy with Ryan O’Neal and Barbara Streisand.

Endless one liners and brilliant physical humour with amazing timing, almost Buster Keaton levels of timing. It’s short at around 90 minutes and found myself laughing throughout. Brilliant stuff. 8.5/10.

The Shallows - Good reviews of this one with Blake Lively vs a shark but I found it average. The ending reminded me of Tremors. 5.5/10.

Girls Trip - Tiffany Haddish, Regina Hall, Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett Smith smash this one. The only “shame” is that I watched What’s Up Doc and this one within a day of each other and would have liked to have spread the two brilliant film watches over a week. Both are near perfect comedies.

Four childhood friends go for a weekend (or a few days) out in New Orleans. Brilliant bat shit crazy fun happens and it’s hilarious. Laughed out shit loads of times. Wall to wall gags and they hit so so often. I’ll put this one easily in the same level as Bridesmaids and Game Night.
Purile, hilarious and very warm too. Probably would be a very strong 8/10 but Haddish is brilliant in this and nails just about every line she has. A two hour long film that flies by and you’re pissed off that it’s over when it ends. 8.5/10.

Found I, Tonya a mess tonally, the 4th wall breaks just did not work for me, either have them throughout or just don’t

had a great time with The Menu - Ralph was great, Nicholas Hault plays a slimy fuck to perfection, and the “courses” framing device was silly and enjoyable

Similarly to The Pig, thought it did a good job of making fun of the culture and people involved in high cuisine, while still respecting the art or the fact that people really can care this much about getting food “right”. Was genuinely moved by the cheeseburger scene too

Wanted more backstory on a bunch of the characters tbh and the motivations of the restaurant staff didn’t really hold up for me, but what the hell. Plot holes schmot holes

I’m sure there was more movies this month but for the sake of not over doing it, I’ll just post these…


  • Aftersun - 2022 - Drama - 8/10
    An effortless masterclass in film making from a first time writer/director with an inexperienced cast. The ambition, subtlety and patience shown is remarkable and leaves many established film makers looking shameful. Not all of it works and it has some pacing issues but the parts that are excellent only exist from the experimentation that falls flat. Also Frankie Corio is a superstar in making (with the help of great direction).

  • 7 Prisoners - 2021 - Drama - 8/10
    Horrifying. The story of one man’s journey through the exploitive debt ladden worker employment system. The transition from hope to reality is fantastically handled and the frustration in ‘beating’ the system palpable. Despite the subject matter it’s a fascinating and well presented watch.

  • Language Lessons - 2022 - Rom Com - 8/10
    A voyeuristic film built upon the friendship established in the wake of loss from the least expected source. Natalie Morales is so charming and plays off Duplass in a very natural way, it’s difficult to not fall for either character. Lovely script, well paced. The glitching is it’s only annoyance but it’d assume it’s used to hide cuts.

Perfectly Fine

  • The Wonder - 2022 - Mystery
    It looks great, well acted but I progressively got tired as the film went on. It’s interesting with multiple themes so worth a watch.
  • Decision to Leave - 2022 - Thriller
    The presentation choices made the film frustrating to watch and it went on too long, yet it’s Park so always worth a watch.
  • The Good Boss - 2021 - Comedy Drama
    A funny insight to an eventful week of a factory owners life. Entertaining.
  • Smile - 2022 - Horror
    I avoided trailers and enjoyed this one. Some good setups and scares, a fun rollercoaster but with absolutely no substance behind it.
  • Marcel the Shell with Shoes on - 2022 - Animation
    Cute, charming and funny. It’s difficult not to be charmed by this one although it’s far too long and works better as shorts.
  • Hellraiser - 2022 - Horror
    Never expected to like this but it’s well written with some good kills if completely ridiculous.
  • Slash/Back - 2022 - Teen Action
    Full of inexperienced actors and filmed on a low budget but it’s a light, fun and entertaining film. Ending was disappointing for me.
  • Piggy - 2022 - Comedy Horror
    Absolutely ridiculous and with some questionable dialogue yet a unique idea well handled and I enjoyed the ending.
  • Call Jane - 2022 - Drama
    An incredibly light and entertaining watch given the complicated subject matter. Some poor technical work is eclipsed by a great script with nice acting.
  • Enola Holmes 2 - 2022 - Teen Action
    Same as the first, just a fun rollercoaster with a charming lead. Nothing new & nothing bad.

Not For Me

  • Triangle of Sadness - 2022 - Comedy Drama
    Disappointing, almost none of it works, just when you start feeling engaged with a situation the film moves on and the whiplash gets tiring.
  • The Many Saints of Newark - 2022 - Gangster
    Worthless to the original source and leaves no impression, I’m confused why it ever got made.
  • The Silent Twins - 2022 - Drama
    An interesting story about the complicated life of 2 sisters. Good but maybe not enough for a feature film, I’d prefer a doc.
  • Wyrmwood: Apocalypse - 2022 - Action Horror
    It doesn’t take itself seriously and it is exactly what you’d expect, just not my thing.
  • Moloch - 2022 - Horror
    Well made but I found it unintentionally funny. The sound mix was good though.
  • They live in the Grey - 2022 - Mystery
    Felt like a 2 episode pilot for a TV show that never got made. Very dull and excessively long.
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high quality what a pisser GIF


been doing a bit of a war/gangster themed month (all rewatches for me):

Goodfellas - still my fav gangster film by a long way. Love the pacing, the energy, the camerawork, and Lorraine Bracco gets to give the most interesting performance that basically any woman in this genre ever got. Other gangster films say more, but none entertain me this much

Full Metal Jacket - still agree with the standard view of the first half as perfect and the second as a bit of a drop off in comparison, but got a lot more from it overall this time. Just seeing how good a lot of it looked and sounded was such a nice balm compared to the slasher trash I often watch. Need to get round to some of the Kubrick stuff I still haven;t seen

Good Morning Vietnam - I have a lot of time for Robin’s shtick and some of the radio stuff and musical choices were really good. Also thought some of the serious bits were handled well and there’s something surprisingly artistic shots in there. But very muddled over all, bit of tonal whiplash, and hasn’t aged all that well

Scarface - so long and yet in the moment i didn’t mind it? De Palma is so good with colours and sets that it kept my attention all the way through, loads of fun to be had here. Pretty paper thin narrative though, the least interesting main character in a gangster film imho - interesting given how he;s surely the most iconic of all

then also threw on Sully earlier in the week when I was feeling ill and down and remembered about the whole situation. The most solid 3 star film imaginable, but just what I needed and I teared up a few times tbqh


I’d almost written off Wes Anderson because I didn’t think much of The Royal Tenenbaums but I thought Fantastic Mr. Fox was good and cute.

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Well if you can stomach another one, I’d say Moonrise Kingdom might work as another one of his charming ones. Not his best and not for everyone but difficult not to have a little grin all the way through it.

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Bardo, I Won Two Oscars and Now I Must Performatively Stroke My Beard About It: as above

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40% off picturehouse memberships/renewals over the weekend FYI

Just watched The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and I’m back to not liking Our Wes! Yay!


That’s his worst one!

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Think I may have to wait another 3 months before trying any of his films again.


I love him, one of my favs, but this also makes total sense

watched john tucker must die this evening. surprised by how terrible it is

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