What Films You Watching? (November 2022)

Well I watched it on a plane so… :laughing:

Tbf it did look amazing but everything else about it was so cheesy and cringy. I couldn’t believe how bad all the dialogue was.

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Pulling some serious Gs I hope


Recently watched:

The Lodge - Watched this horror film as it was on a list thing of the scariest film endings ever.

Good downward spiral psychological horror and also has an intentional “depressing” theme throughout. Those god loving Americans really live their guns huh?

Not one of the scariest endings to a horror ever but a good film nonetheless. 7/10.

Spell - A family in their small plane crash land and the dad is held against his will by some nutters whilst being “nursed” to health. Started off all a bit Misery and then went off on a few directions.

Mark Tonderai directs. His film Hush from 2008 which was a brilliant British road cat and mouse horror and that’s definitely worth seeking out. This one was ok. 5/10.

The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent - Nicolas Cage plays Nicolas Cage playing on occasions Nicolas Cage characters. Quirky, silly and fun action comedy. Cage and Pedro Pascal have a nice bromance thing going on and a good supporting cast includes Sharon Horgan. 7.5/10.

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Les Miserables (Netflix) 2/5
:fr: Wow, uh they’re really signing through 95% of this… The claustrophobic cinematography and heavy handed primary colour story is just so corny. Can see it being kinda fun in a Sing-A-Long screening scenario, but nowhere else.

All Quiet On The Western Front (Netflix) 4/5
:firecracker: Absolutely harrowing stuff as it should be. Equally does the huge and the small so well with the battle sequences being incredibly visceral and the smaller moments showing us the glimmers of humanity that can still be found in such hellish environments. There are not many worse places in human history than an WW1 trench and this replicates those horrors in a much less glossy way than in 1917 and away from there it made me recall the maddening bureaucracy shown in both Chernobyl and Paths Of Glory that can lead to such pointless loss.

The Crow (Netflix) 3/5
:fire: Absolutely nails that 90’s goth grunge aesthetic with the dingy bars, grimy goons and (rightfully) no second of sunshine to be seen. Sits in a nice spot post T2 and pre Matrix.

The Good Doctor (Netflix) 3/5
:stethoscope: Solid drama with 2 good performances - probably the best I’ve seen from Redmayne. Felt a bit Fincher-lite and catering to that True Crime crowd. Not sure if it was my set up, but the shadows were severely OTT.

The Incredible Hulk (Netflix) 2.5/5
:nauseated_face: Had no real desire to watch, but only did so as it’s leaving Netflix at the end of the month and still the only MCU entry I haven’t seen… The intro in Brazil and the Aliens inspired shoutout in the bottle factory was a pretty great start. The Hulkster being shot in the shadows like a Hammer Horror creature and the introduction of the heart rate monitor as an audience aid were also nice touches. The casting is just all off though… Norton / Tyler / Roth just don’t fit together or work separately and sadly the whole thing just descends into PS2 cut scene CGI mush.

Monster (Film 4) 3.5/5
:beers: A tough old watch with such an uncanny and transformative performance at its core. The musical choices in two key moments and intermittent voiceover really didn’t work for me and detracted a lot.

Monty Pythons The Meaning Of Life (Netflix) 1.5/5
:earth_americas: Really didn’t do it for me. Don’t recall laughing once or even raising a smile and couldn’t wait for it to end.

Constantine (Netflix) 2/5
:smiling_imp: The exposition, world building, effects and Keanu are all pretty rubbish. There is a hollow coldness and baffling confusion enveloping the whole thing.

In bed with covid so watching films all day!


Hope you’re well and recover from Covid very soon.

Sorry to be pedantic. It was called The Good Nurse. The Good Doctor was that series with the kid.

Cheers bud. The Good Doctor was in my head as me and the TV were talking about it afterwards as she had a crush on “that kid”. :sweat_smile:

I dont think I Robot is much good but I had a very enjoyable time watching it

Christ, how many versions of this are there?


Thought this might be of interest to the Adkins fans… @badmanreturns, @BMS1, others, incase you weren’t aware


Beavis and Butthead Do America is still mint


I saw that in the cinema 3 weekends in a row. Best days of my life.


Have you seen the new eps from a couple of months ago? Its pretty impressive how its essentially the same jokes yet never gets old

Was absolutely convinced that Sebastian Leilo’s The Wonder was on Netflix yesterday, was really looking forward to it all day :frowning:

Anyways, when it wasn’t there we instead watched Emily the Criminal which I thought started incredibly strong. Building up a believable scenario where an art student/dropout might get involved in some petty crimes in order to pay off some debt. Aubrey Plaza did a good job and a scene about 30 mins in where she steals the car was incredibly tense. However it soon went off the boil by being both entirely predictable and unbelievable. There was some social commentary which was a bit heavy handed. I probably wouldn’t have minded it as it is nice when a thriller has something to say but it stood out due to the way it stretched believability in other ways

In some ways it was like the entire plot of Breaking Bad, but told in a 90 min film instead of across five seasons. Just didn’t work sadly.

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The Thing’s a good flick

My favourite character was the thing


Barbarian (File) 2/5

:house: This is what all the fuss was about? Felt it was a competently filmed and maddeningly trope filled horror… It did built up some intrigue with it all collapsing in the end of act 1 reveal and hung in by a thread for the remainder. Can we be done with “ugly old lady” (and in this case superhuman for some reason?) thing that has been appearing in recent years - not helpful in any way. I really didn’t like X, Bodies Bodies Bodies, Crimes Of The Future or Scream, but this more than those is the Malignant of 2022 aka tosh.

The Woman King (Rakuten) 3/5
:earth_africa: Fairly rudimentary quasi Seven Samurai plot at the core, but draped in fresh layers of character and location with exemplary costumes and score. Personally thought it was a good 30 minutes too long, especially in the middle with scenes treading on the same ground over and over. Most of the action is solid enough, but some editing choices really subtract from potential ‘Hero Moments’, which now have such high benchmarks after RRR. Latasha Lynch steals the show - such magnetism.

See How They Run (File) 3/5
:mouse2: Had absorbed that the general consensus is this looking excellent on paper and everyone wishing it to be so much more fun and zippy than it was - I agree! It confusingly sits somewhere between a satire, farce and homage of the murder mystery genre and not really nailing either.

Coraline (BBC3) 2/5
:black_cat: Think I’m on an island in finding something really missing here - I sat pretty stone faced through the whole thing with it eliciting no reaction or emotion. 2 stars for the animation and soulless black heart for me confirmed I guess. I found Wendell & Wild pointlessly complicated whilst actually going nowhere, this was quirky and odd for seemingly no other purpose than being that.

Laughing Gravy (Talking Pictures TV) 2.5/5
:dog: I wonder if Joe Pesci cribbed Hardy when prepping for Home Alone as the resemblance, reactions and mannerisms are especially uncanny here.

The Personal History Of David Copperfield (Film 4) 4.5/5
:writing_hand: This grew and grew on me - an utter delight of bustling briskness that pops and fizzes with life. A fantastically sharp script (as is to be expected) that has the perfect pinches of whimsy and charm as to not make it too saccharine. You also have a myriad of charming and unique characters with the brilliant cast giving it everything. Some pretty inventive visual flare too which I don’t really associate with Armando. Perspective, time and the wonder of imagination are shown here in such fun and heartfelt ways. Just into my Top 10 UK releases of 2020.


It’s being added on the 16th.

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post the list please

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Portrait Of A Lady On Fire
American Utopia
Dick Johnson Is Dead
Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes
Lovers Rock
Never Rarely Sometimes Always
The Personal History Of David Copperfield
The Endless Trench
A Sun
His House
The Invisible Man
I’m Thinking Of Ending Things


See How They Run is in Disney+ so we gave it a watch last night.

Decent enough although maybe a little too slight. But Saoirse Ronan is great, particularly her brief impersonation of Richard Attenborough in Brighton Rock.


A very odd collection of sketches, with maybe three decent bits, but just goes on and on doesn’t it? I had it on DVD because I found it cheap and it meant I could easily just skip to the decent bits.

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