What floor of your building do you work on?

Do you take the lift or stairs?

Have you always worked on that floor?

5th floor myself. take the stairs unless the lift is already at the ground floor cos i hate waiting for it. also it’s a bit dodgy and breaks down sometimes.

started out on the 6th floor for a few weeks and have had a temporary spell on the 2nd (good days) but otherwise i’m 5th floor all the way baby.

great thread.

Great thread!

2006-2010: first floor
2010-2013 (old job); 2013-2017 (current job): ground floor

Don’t think I’ve ever worked above the 2nd floor other than at a summer/temp job.

currently: B1

First floor!

I always take the stairs.

I have worked on this floor since I started here.

I don’t think I’ve ever worked on anything but the ground and first floors in any job I’ve been in.

Great thread Ic-Smic.


7th floor. Try to take the stairs as often as possible, but if I’m late or feeling lazy I get the lift.

View out window:


I’ve had to work in the basement loads of times

my current job is the first one i’ve had in a building with more than 4 floors actually

old job: spent over a year on the second floor and then they moved me to the first. took the stairs and judged anyone who took the lift

previous job: ground floor. there were only two floors in the building. i’d still sometimes see people take the lift.

when i temp worked in a shop with two floors it could obviously vary every day BUT they usually put me upstairs

talk to you soon

that is delightful

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s’alright. feels very tory.


Bedford Square?

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Currently first floor. Have previously spent time on second floor.

Always use stairs. There is no lift option.

I’d also like to add my thanks for the existence of this fantastic thread


lift, i’m not a idiot

always been there innit

1st floor and always the stairs. Was a ground floor bottom dweller when I first joined the company. My plan is to be working on the roof by 2021.

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2nd floor. No lift.

Fifth floor.


You should go and stand outside his window and wave and then @ChorizoPasta should take a picture and post it on here. EDIT: or anyone. Multiple DiSers outside his window

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