What floor of your building do you work on?

Ground floor. No stairs required. Believe.


I’m on the 3rd floor. I mix it up between taking the stairs and the lift.

I have always been on the 3rd floor. My friend is now on the 2nd floor but I do not go down to see him, he comes up to see me.

2nd floor - take the stairs. I’d crack and take the lift if I were on the 3rd.

Always walk if possible, used the lift of 2 occasions in the last year. 80 steps

6th floor. Also the top floor. Also the highest floor I’ve ever worked on in any building or job. I take the lift, because I’m lazy and because our stairs have an exposed drop (someone once jumped from this floor) and I absolutely hate heights.

6th floor and I usually take the lift. our meeting rooms are on the 7th and I don’t take the lift between the two floors (I say this- some people do!)

when I worked in london I worked on the 26th (top) floor of a building and we had the fastest lifts in London, apparently! I HATED our fire drills.

6th floor which is the top floor.

The lift was recently refurbished and is now ludicrously slow, I reckon I have wasted somewhere in the region of two hours waiting for the list since they changed it if you added it all up.

The most annoying aspect is that Office (the shoe company) have floors 1 and 4 and regularly use the lift to get between those floors so what should be a standard wait for the lift to come down 6 floors has additional stop off points for people to avoid going down three flights of stairs. The same applies to an extent with the fact we have the 2nd floor as well as the 5th and 6th.

Glad we’re moving.

why don’t you swap the 4th for the 2nd

That would have been a sensible option. I agree.

Basement: escalator during opening hours. Stairs otherwise.

I have a job interview tomorrow morning, which judging from where that photo looks like it was taken, is either in your office of the building next door…

You taking @ChorizoPasta’s job?


guys, just want to update you all that i’ve been a 7th floor guy for a few months now. feels good!!!

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I’m now on the 8th floor! Lovely views of the clyde.

Aye alright it’s not a competition ffs

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i moved to the 7th floor of my old building for a bit and then ended up moving to the other office where yes! you guessed it! i am again on the 7th floor!

bit annoying having to wait for the lift all the time instead of walking though

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  1. Lift doesn’t go all the way up, so I do a mixture of both. Good thread bumping.

11! My building doesn’t even go up to 11! MAD!

Forgot that I used to work by prof…