What floor of your building do you work on?

Ever been to that Italian greasy spoon round the corner?

It’s labelled two but the first staircase is twice as long as the others so it feels like three. I guess the ground floor is really high ceilings and so one is where two would be.

1st floor. Moved down from 3rd floor last week. Now use stairs exclusively, used to use lifts exclusively. Complete lifestyle change.

Italian greasy spoon? Don’t think so :open_mouth:

And now I don’t work in that building no more :rage:

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Yeah there was this place down near that big conference centre that did amazing sangers, hash browns etc.

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WOAH! I now work on the fourth floor and have done since I started here, which was only a few weeks after my previous post. I only stayed in that job for six weeks! A new record for me!

Oh yeah my new office labels the ground floor as 1 so technically I really work on the 6th floor! This is a game changer!

I’m still very confident this was my best ever thread


Have walked 7 flights of stairs occasionally when I’ve seen someone I don’t like getting in the lift


Update: I now work on the first floor

We only have one floor, and a basement / stockroom. Great thread.

i work on the ground floor but at my end of the building it’s basically basement level. there is a window but all i can see out of it is a grassy bank and occasionally the shoes of someone walking along the pavement at the top. it’s a bit shit.

got quite nice views of the street and the fancy hotels, pubs and opera house from our windows, though from my seat i can only really see some hotel windows, and the side of a Travelodge. feel a bit jealous of the person who sits right by the window, though the day i say there i was definitely more easily distracted than ever.

had nice views of building tops and distant feels from my old office desk, when it got dark i would stare up trying to spot the moving lights of cars driving along the hill.

this reminds me i wanted to make a “what can you see out your nearest office window?” thread a while ago