What fresh hell is this? (Rolling)

That’s an email i sent myself with steve albini’s tour diaries in a text file. Why is google hassling me to follow up on it?

it did this to me recently. stupid google.

still loving your profile pic.

Would anyone buy a jumper with Sleeve Albini written on the sleeves?

hotmail is cool again now anyway

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i hate to tell you this shrewbs, but…

Love seeing the old mustard roll neck again.


Edit: I’m not saying you look like this ezzer, it just popped into my head.


the winter of roll neck discontent. glad we nipped that in the bud.

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I assumed the location stuff was off on my phone (it was easy to turn off on my old phone, and I couldn’t see the option on this one, but there was no indication it was on in the status bar or anything), then Google gave me an alert the other day asking if I wanted to review the pub I was in on Friday night, creepy bastards.

can you guys get off my case for like 5 minutes

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I caveated the post you sensitive soul!

i’m the edge in this scenario. irons can be Larry Mullen Jr.

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please tell me it

hotmail no longer exist !!

When it comes to eric, more like hotmale amiright? :kissing_closed_eyes:

google knows something you don’t

welcome to the boards you lying snake