What fruit are you crushing these days?


It’s been quiet on here recently so let’s get some proper threads going.

Summer is upon us. So: what fruit are you into these days? I want to know things like:

  • The fruit

  • The variety of that particular fruit

  • Where you are buying these particular fruits from (this is important)

  • Any novel cutting, peeling, de-seeding techniques you’ve come across

  • Good recipes including fruit, including smoothies or freshly squeezed/pressed drinks…anything!

  • Tried any obscure or uncommon fruits recently? What does a plantain taste like?

Chat very much encouraged.


could go a kiwi rn

(skin on, of course)


Not into fruit really




I eat entire apples, the whole lot. Someone commented on it at lunch in work one day, I told them it’s what people do in the UK.


Doesn’t really taste of anything, it’s just a texture.


Yeah I’m a full apple eater. Obviously the way forward


it’s what horses do


I bought a punnet of strawberries the other day, easily some of the best strawberries I’ve had in a long time AND they were reduced because they were near their best before date!


Yeah, and they’re fucking majestic


Are they a little bit banana-y? I always thought they were just big bland bananas.


Old blue last £4 / £7 nus



my only regret is that I didn’t buy more


Had a pot of mango yesterday. Would eat again.


do things other than strawberries come in punnets?

grapes maybe i guess


Barbequed plantain with guava paste and melted cheese is the shit


Berries. Love berries in porridge and in yogurt. Also bananas. Can’t really be arsed with other fruits.

Also, bananas are berries.


Yeah, just bigger bananas that don’t taste as gross.

I have only eaten it cooked with groundnut sauce, it looks like this: