What games have you completed this year 🎮

Hi nerds! What games have you completed in 2017?

Best game was Zelda of course!

here’s my list:

2017 January Final Fantasy VI SNES
Steamworld Dig PC
Half-Life 2 PC
February Half-Life 2: Episode 1 PC
Project Highrise PC
Lego Star Wars PC
Half-Life 2: Episode 2 PC
April Zelda: Breath of the Wild Switch
Hand of Fate PC
Mother Russia Bleeds PC
Rayman: Legends (100%) PC
May Unexplored PC
Abzu PC
Gears of War 4 PC
Quake 2 PC
Prey PC
Doom PC
June Hyper Light Drifter PC
Mark of the Ninja PC
July Gran Turismo PS1
Divinity: Original Sin PC
Halo 1 Xbox One
August Halo 2 Xbox One
Halo 3 Xbox One
Halo ODST Xbox One
Halo Reach Xbox 360
Halo 4 Xbox One
Halo 5 Xbox One
Sonic Mania Switch
Warcraft 3 PC
September Uncharted 4 PS4
Steamworld Dig 2 Switch
October Super Mario Bros NES
November Super Mario Odyssey Switch
Streets of Rage Mega Drive
Streets of Rage 2 Mega Drive
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood PC
December Wolfenstein 2: New Collosus PC
Doom - No End In Sight PC
Diablo 1 Playstation

None :frowning:

most of the silent hill games
ocarina of time
breath of the zelda
Super Meat Boy
The Swapper

think that’s it

Thomas Was Alone
Does Mario Odyssey count if I finished the story but haven’t got all the moons yet?
Portal 2 again

I’ve got next week off work and am planning to play through the Uncharted games.

edit: Also Limbo again

This list makes me feel very unaccomplished as a 2k17 gamer!

The Last Guardian
Uncharted 4
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

er, that’s it…

Made decent headway with GTA V, but got distracted by The Witcher 3. I have no idea how far through Witcher I am and I got a Switch for Christmas so working really hard to avoid the temptation to buy Zelda until Witcher is done. Also have Persona 5, Abzu and Unravel that I want to tackle as well as Nier Automata high up my must-buy list and I’ve been nurturing an unhealthy addiction to Fortnite Battle Royale which puts the brakes on a lot of these!

2k18 resolution is take one thing at a time.

Bloodborne + DLC
Dark Souls II + DLC
The Witness
Persona 5
Overwatch (put in 100s of hours and am no bored of it, so counting that as completed)
Grim Fandango Remaster

Best was FFVII, obvs.

last guardian is one of my all time favourite gaming experiences though

that’s a great week - I did Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy both in quite concentrated sittings and it was ace. Are you hitting 1-3 as well or just going for the PS4 ones?

Played a decent amount but not completed:

Darkest Dungeon
Destiny 2
Hyper Light Drifter

good list! what was the best one?

Had to sell my PS4 so annoyingly it’s just 1-3. Never finished any of them though, and not played 3, so looking forward to it.

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If I could afford it I’d buy Zelda for my Switch, but alas, no.

Fez was a pure kind of joy I haven’t felt since the NES era!


great game but that map is fucking terrible!

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pretty sure my list is just:

Persona 5
Nier Automata
Sonic Mania

I completed Mean Bean Machine the other day, and I probably completed all the old Sonic games at some point too

Poor effort :confused:

still think playing Doom WADS on ZDoom is the most fun I’ve had all year in gaming tbh

Uncharted 4
Watch Dogs 1 and 2
Heavy Rain

@Bamnan How did Gran Turismo hold up? playing Gran Turismo Sport at the moment and it’s really good but I kind of miss the whole buying crap old Japanese cars and tuning them up massively thing

Rocket League (in as much as you can complete it- i’ve got 100% so that’ll do. Still shit at it mind)

I think that’s it. Just got the new South Park but doubt I’ll add that to the list before 2018.

Tomb Raider 25th Anniversary
Fallout 4 - Far Harbour
Witcher 3 - Blood and Wine
Dishonoured 2 (twice)

All PS4.