What gestures do you favour?



Are you a thumbs up person.

A winker?

Do you give jaunty salutes from across car parks?


I’m chiefly a thumbs up guy


You look different without a beard :slight_smile:


I do salutes sometimes, which I actually made an effort to stop a couple of years ago. Looks a bit like that little salute bart does sometimes on the simpsons.






I do finger guns sometimes. I have no idea if it’s acceptable behaviour.



A winker, a thumbs uper AND a nodder.





I usually lick my lips seductively


I love how the assistant just looks like the floodlights are in his eyes.


used to do single thumb up all the time, I think it comes across like I’m trying too hard to be pleasant and seeking approval though so I try not to now.


Nice demo of army style vs navy style there


It’s all over the bloody place isn’t it. Also enjoyed this…



Finger guns are encouraged behaviour in our house. We all picked it up from a housemate when she moved in and now we’re all at it.


I’m not aware of any! Boooooring.

I get a little irritated when people try to high five me, or offer me a fist bump. I’m trying to be less angry about it but it always reminds me of all those years of “LET’S GO TEAM!!” things in work with a team of people I didn’t like very much.