what good habits* do you have

Drink a lot of water


Don’t wear outside shoes in the house.

At least 6L of water daily
Exercise daily
Elastomeric respirator any time I have to step outside the apartment
Same bed time every night

Turn knobs when I close doors.
Close gates behind me if they were closed when I got to them.

6 litres?? Is this a good habit? You must be getting up for a piss every 10 minutes. Even people with kidney stones are only told to drink up to 3 litres

This is only a good habit if it’s a good bed time

  • signed, person who regularly goes to bed after 3am
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Anything less and I get thirsty at night, anything more and I’m waking up having to pee. I just feel so much better constantly drinking water.

10:40 has been working well. Much better than 9 pm like back when I worked in an office, and much better than anything later where I just get anxious that it’s practically morning and can’t sleep.

Basically I’m a finely tuned husk of a human being that’s always ready to urinate.

Always looking to help large sea beasts that are in trouble. Only one failure so far, which was when I worked next to the Thames and saw the whale, sadly could not help the whale.


Make the effort to personally reply to acknowledge good posts, rather than just click the ‘like’ button.


Unless you work on a building site in the desert, I can’t
see why you should be feeling thirsty after drinking anything less than twice as much water as people who have been advised to drink lots of water for medical reasons! I’m not a doctor but 2 litres is often quoted as an estimate of how much water most people need including the water in their food, so if you’re needing to drink 3 times that, plus the water in your food on top of that, that’s really a lot. Less a good habit and more a potential symptom of a medical issue or, hopefully, a quirk of your body.

My dad was told to drink 3 litres due to kidney stones and found it a real struggle

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Did you mean pints?
…I feel like 6 litres is actually pretty bad, especially if you do it regularly. Hyponatremia can be deadly.


Giving out regular genuine compliments

Sorting out gifts/friend dates/support for friends when they are struggling

Really conscientious about cleaning up my own sick in public places


I ran it by my old doctor before she retired and she didn’t have a problem with it, and no bloodwork has ever detected an issue. I think it might just be a quirk of my body, I’ve been doing it for years.

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Good, but I feel like it’s outside of the realms of good habits. Like how getting plenty of sleep is good, but “plenty” only means 8 hours a night, not 24!

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I’m aware I’m probably walking into a well-laid trap here, but surely the whole idea of this place is that it’s a forum for discussion, rather than just a platform for statements?

oh my god love GIF by ZDF


I think my only good habit is cooking pretty much all meals from scratch, with little or no processed foods. Not sure it counters the misspent 20s smoking and getting fucking trollied in clubs, but we shall see.

I am a fucker for leaving lights on. So much so, my dad and I used to fall out about it when I go up to visit. Recently I went up and he’s replaced many of them with motion detectors so there is no way they stay on. Have to admire that to be fair.


I’m good at remembering what people tell me


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You must be the biggest offender on here

The worst ratio has got to be Marckee, obviously!

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