what good habits* do you have

2nd but it means more if you get one

Scum, both of em

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don’t really do this, but for some reason my housemate leaves the hall and bathroom lights on when he goes to bed which i find annoying and baffling

i give loads but receive slightly more, which is the sign of a true renaissance man who is generous but also very popular


i don’t drink anywhere near as much as that but i find when i get into the habit of drinking lots of water (drink more water in the office for whatever reason, for example) then the more i start to feel thirsty when i don’t have any water. i imagine @TAFH33 has just been drinking 6 litres of water for so long that when he’s not having 6 litres his body is going “where’s the other litre, mate? what’s going on?”

6 litres is a lot though


Yeah I’ve been doing it for years, I feel like crap if I end up behind schedule now. I think I sort of trained myself back when I worked in an office, repeatedly getting water and going to the bathroom were great ways to get moments of relief from my ghoul coworkers.