What happened to the Evening Thread? (This is it)


Can’t believe that it’s 7:15pm and:

  1. There’s no evening thread
  2. I’m still in work

Tell me nice things that you’re doing and eating tonight please.


Supposed to be going pub but everyone’s taking their time getting organised


Alright laelfs! I’m in Peckham having some London beer factory sludge beers. Lots of street food on offer, haven’t had a proper look yet but poké is winning so far.


i would have started it but i got home late from work because i was doing a jigsaw puzzle. but yeah, it’s pretty late huh?

tomato soup and cheese and bread for tea.

i’m tired and my legs are itchy :frowning: and i still can’t believe there’s another two days until the weekend. oh and i won’t be around tomorrow as i’m going to my first ever yoga class! exciting!


Just heading home from work. Need to pick something up for tea, might get pizza :pizza:


Getting fucking trashed because fml


Drinking in a converted multi storey car park

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  • Loldon

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I’m not from London I don’t know what this is?


Raw fish Hawaiian style.


Feeling right shite now


Yoga’s good I should do it more. Like your idea of bread and cheese, pretty much fancy anything with cheese at the moment.


I was so hoping for 3 nights on the trot of dr oetkers


Ok, you enjoy that.


just finished packing as I’m off to Amsterdam tomorrow for a few days. partly work, partly not.
gonna pop out for a vino now I think.


i would’ve as well!!! there are two in the freezer!!!

but the tv wanted tomato soup


I think you mean, ‘this is going to sound really disingenuous but I hope you enjoy it’.


I hope I get cheesy pasta for tea.


i’ve eaten roast chicken with potatoes, carrots, mushrooms and not enough aubergine, and just had some nougat for pudding. i’m not really doing anything at the moment so need to find something to do


Yes that was the lazy way of saying it.

The picture you’ve posted looks quite nice though.


this looks great!