What happened to the Evening Thread? (This is it)


I’m making burritos for the first ever time. It’s kind of wild. I’m pretty excited.

Also, does anyone have any good tips for using up a mint plant? I accidentally bought one today (it was right next to the coriander plants and it had a longer sell-by date, OK?!). I hate lamb so that’s a no no.




Have eaten: carbonara

Am watching: cycling bullshit on YouTube

Really need to: get some food in, but I can’t be fucked. Shall I?

  • yes go and get lots of lovely food
  • no stay in the warm and eat misery dinners until the weekend

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Me too


It’s really good m9! Pretty healthy too given fhe other options, though a confit duck burger sounds pretty amazing rn.


Stay in the warm and get an Ocado delivery tomorrow?


Ooh I do or don’t live in London
Who cares


why didn’t you go get food on your way home? this seems like the only logical way to do things to me.


I leave my bike lock at work don’t I


Aldi / Lidl 'til I die


Had pizza.

Said I’d go the quiz but feeling ropey.


Debating what to have for dinner at the moment. Probably burger, nuggets and chips I suspect.


Pffft Bloody tv :wink:


Freezer surprise?


Kebab shop. Knowing the kind of stuff in our freezer, I’d end up with 4 bags of frozen chopped onions with dairy free ice cream…



At work, 3rd 14 hour day. Starting to flag now. Left myself with an insurmountable amount to do for 11am tomorrow


Literally no idea what I should do. Should I make an elaborate gesture of quitting.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Put your penis in everyone’s cup but don’t quit

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Having dinner and a sulk

Don’t like pre made guac but I’ve not had a good avocado run recently so didn’t wanna risk it and elevate the sulk even further


Think my favourite part of modern shopping is the huddle of lost souls hopelessly squeezing avocados


I am getting cheesy pasta for tea! I’m the luckiest girl in the world.


I’m usually quite good at picking them but recently I’ve got full duff ones

A lady once told me to test them from the top