What happened to vine?


(the 6 second videos not the cartoon posting idiot)

don’t think i’ve seen one in months


Well mate, can you tell us more about this sensory deprivation you put yourself through the last few years?

In the meantime:

  • We had a referendum to leave the EU and we decided to leave
  • Donald Trump became US President
  • Jeremy Corbyn has somehow become really popular as leader of the Labour Party


The answer is that Twitter shut it down, which was considered fairly controversial on the platform due (as far as I can tell) to the high use of the platform by PoC to promote comedy etc. I think it was generally held that Twitter couldn’t see a way to monetise the users of Vine so cut them off dead while still not actually doing anything particularly about rampant Nazism on their site, etc.



oh right, i didn’t know

thanks theo!


Theo is on fleek today. Get out me car!


‘really popular’ is overdoing it a little: current favourability ratings*: 46%

*YouGov - 11/12 June


Alright captain politics, but I think you need to compare with Tony Blair ahead of the '97 election to really make this point properly?


He’s been replaced by Ed Miliband for the week. He’ll be back though.


Stuck on CGI downing street like some digitally enhanced purgatory



my gran used to tell us whenever jeremy vine was on telly that he was very very rude because she met him once and said “ooh we might be related!” and he just went “oh” and then walked off


Remember when I said that Corbyn was appealing to the reluctant ukip voters and you weren’t convinced!



keep on reading this thinking you mean @andyvine


pls see above, ive added a lovely anecdote about my long dead grandmother which i think you will enjoy




They didn’t pick up many ex-UKIP voters though.


Not sure the results backed that up in the end. There are certainly UKIPers who will have voted Labour but that doesn’t mean they were reluctant ones.

He’s certainly proved far more popular than I ever expected, though. Quite amazing.