What has been the happiest time of your life?

This is intended to be a warm and fuzzy thread!!

The happiest time of my life was September 2012 - February 2013. (Could probably make a case for it going into April 2013 but whatever)

  • this guy I was super into and thought was a million miles out of my league was super into me as well and we were chatting and flirting all the time in autumn and it was just really warm and fuzzy and rose tinted as we kind of careered into getting together and being together over the winter :heart_eyes: *
  • Obama got re-elected, yeah I know his foreign policy sucked and I’m not making excuses for that but in the cold light of 2020 it feels like the last actual electoral victory that wasn’t a total right-wing shitshow
  • 30th birthday championship announced and it was SUPER EXCITING as a young Countdown nerd and was the most amazing tournament!!
  • I did some cool stuff at uni (Britpop dissertation, Sex and Scandal in Victorian Literature) and actually made some friends
  • my bedroom was really cool even though it was fucking freezing and we had mice. I loved decorating it with bits from Trago Mills
  • weekly Skype calls with my gerbils

Oh it was magical lads. The songs that take me back are Four More Years (Teen Daze), Slow (MBV), I Think I’m In Love (Spiritualized) and Go (Sparklehorse/Flaming Lips).

I want to know about your happy times and the songs that take you back!!

*Disclaimer: these days I know he is an absolute despicable cunt :frowning: but sadly it was truly magical at the time :slight_smile:


maybe balonz’s spatula thread


6th November 2014.

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That time there was no queue for space mountain. Went on 4 times in a row

  • Climbing trees when I was 8

ooo. That reminds me of when I got invited to alton towers on a weekend when BT has hired it out for a corporate shindig. All the old comms fools were rocking out to Status Quo and Madness whilst I was going on nemesis 80 times in a row with no queue whatsoever. What a day.


Nothing stands out unfortunately. Maybe just that little hit of endorphins when someone says they liked something you did? Hmm


I really like that post, ruffers.

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Yep I’ll take that

+1 for Balonz Spatula Thread.


Probably Christmas Day 2001

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5pm on a friday amirite

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That sounds like an incredible time

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No because it usually means I’m about to have to get on a train. 6pm on a Friday is better imo


Poor family from Cheshire :frowning:

I’m a pretty optimistic person, and quite often I look back and think how happy I was, even if I hadn’t appreciated it the time. So while I was at uni, I’d look back and think how great it was that I’d had no responsibilities living at home doing my GCSEs and A Levels. And then I finished uni, and I’d describe my time there to people as a three year party by the sea. And then in the late 90s I was going clubbing and to loads of gigs and festivals, and that was incredible. And then in the early 00s I met the woman I married (2006/2007 - definitely not happy though).Then there’s the late 00s, when I moved to Brighton like I’d been saying I would for ages, and I made loads of new friends and got drunk loads and got back into DJing and went swimming in the sea and had parties on the beach, oh and taught myself photography. And then there’s the early 10s, when I met my other half now and we went on some great adventures together. And then the last few years there’s parenthood.

LOADS of happy moments, and all different sorts of happiness.


You had your fun. Fuck 'em

Wish I’d force-mingled less with people I’m vaguely related to and will never see again and focused more on enjoying my wedding. Then that’d win

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Might be now?

Christ, that’s depressing.

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Just seen the spatula thread, yeah?