What has happened to Scotland?




Younger populations = less drinking or something maybe?

Dunno if this is the case for Scotland but the kids these days don’t drink that much and all the old bastards down in Cornwall are probably half-cut 95% of the time.


I thought maybe Scotland is just full of liars?


The serious answer is probably something to do with the sharp rise of opiates, via script and imported.




We’ve had to cut back while we train for the upcoming Brexit civil war.


reckon we’ll have passed yous out after the dis meat in a few weeks


You are going to need some empties for molotov cocktails.




I definitely think the young people I teach drink less than I did at their age.


They’ve internalised the logic of capitalism and self-improvement is the new rebellion, pray for us all (or grab a baseball bat)


Ha, I was going to say ‘the flood of cheap Spice onto the streets’.

But yeah.


None of the young people I know(teens/ early 20s) in Scotland are into drinking (or smoking, or drugs). They’re all into their looks and the gym and selfies. I kind of despair, even though it is good that their self esteem makes them not want to get royally fucked every night like our generation.


I reckon minimum unit pricing for alcohol is going to drive even more addicts onto cheap zombifying Spice :disappointed_relieved:


Hmm if you could do your youth again

  • Drinking, drugs, partying
  • Gym, looks, selfies

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Fucking delighted selfies didn’t really exist when I was a teenager.


Just imagine wasting all that time trying to find your best angle


Sat next to a bloke on a train recently who spent the ENTIRE journey (Bristol to London) faffing about with Snapchat filters. Appreciate it’s an age thing but this is one cloud I’m happy to yell at.


Really dread the day I have to talk to my sons about their alcohol consumption

Me: where are you two off to again at this time?
Son 1: oh, just the pub
Me: don’t you lie to me!!
Son 2: ok, we’re going to the gym and then the juice bar
Me: where did I go wrong?! Why are you doing this to me?
Son 1: alcohol inhibits my potential
Son 2: I don’t like the taste!
sobs in the dark


They all have the internet on their phones so there’s not really any need.