What have/are YOU requested/requesting for Christmas?


Please tell us


Peace on earth and a bit of vinyl.



Might ask for an xbox or playstation so when I get my bi annual urge to play a game for a week I can


Think the other half has plans to get me an effects pedal based on the advice of a band pal, so it’ll be a surprise for me. I hope my pals aren’t going to be dicks and I end up with a Boss Metalzone.

That was her idea though. I don’t ask for owt I’m 32


Don’t actually want anything.

It’s driving the missus mad


My mum has already asked me this. I have no ideas at all.


I don’t really want for anything.

Except a decent weekend bag.
And a folding weights bench for the home.
And some new gloves.
And a new watch.
And a NAS.


permission to eat some dinner with the family, do the dishes then go home.


I was going to ask for a new bike for Christmas and then I realised I was 30 and asking for the same gift I asked for at 8 years old.


Same as every year - just get me a load of whisky.

Failing that, a Sonos. Thanks.




Ive not requested anything coz im a grown adult human


Don’t want/need much. Might ask for some new football boots, or some clipless pedals and proper cycling shoes


I would never ask for something but my parents ALWAYS bug me for a main present to buy me.


Very obvious that the vast majority of us would also never request anything unless specifically solicited to do so.


I have no one to ask really except my mum but she will buy me some pyjamas (which will stink of smoke).

There’s so much stuff I’d like. I love stuff.



If my parents ask me if I want anything I’ll hint at a Primavera ticket. If not then I don’t want or need anything.