What have you been surprised by recently?


you know, you were dead certain about something and boom…you were dead wrong

was in foyles the other day crate digging and was in need of emergency cake. wasn’t gonna go to costa or whatever, so my man suggested Denmark Street. cool little side street, just off the beaten.

another guy who was with us is pure vegan and was concerned there would be no dairy free cake. I kept saying ‘nah man, it’s Denmark Street, of course there will be dairy free options’

we found this cool little joint, grabbed some beautiful teas and after a bit, went to the counter to peruse the cakes. my friend asked if they have a dairy free cake and they didn’t. I was sooooo surprised. thought this little street/cafe was a dead cert.

he didn’t have any cake, but seemed* ok with this

so yeah - stuff like that

*he is not a strong character, so he probably wasn’t confident enough to say lets go somewhere else


So you had your cake and ate it and he had to just sit there

not cool maannn


I’m surprised you were in Foyles and you didn’t just go to their famously good cafe.


closed man, closed. I love that cafe, too.


we gave him the option to go somewhere else. four times.


Fair play.


I’m sure you phrased it in such a way that you made it clear he was being an inconvenience

I just feel sorry for your mate that’s all


I’m not that guy. I am a very thoughtful man, when it comes to buddies. nice try though


Had a delivery from amazon today

It contained some nice bluetooth headphones.

I didn’t order these

Checked my amazon - nothing

Asked the TV if it was a gift - Nope

No message - nothing.

Just some headphones addressed to me


Hope you were along the lines of “Vegan go somewhere else or vegan stay here - up to you”


fuuuuck man, no! please invent a time machine so I can go back and deliver this most awesome of lines


When they said they had no dairy-free cakes, he could have said, “Oh, dairy me!”


Dairy go elsewhere


Me and ma crush were talking about various handsome cows, and she said that she always imagined mozarella cows were most handsome cos theyd be Italian. I mean, I burst out laughing and mocked her mercilessly but then I looked and generally, cows ARE assigned nationalities. Obviously didn’t apologise.


the uptake, or lack thereof, of my Sex and Nudity thread.


No need as they aren’t even cows




Go on…


my own laziness


It’s from a water buffalo, or the proper stuff is anyway.