What have you earned so far on here?


I just earned “First Emoji”

First Emoji
This badge is granted the first time you add an Emoji to your post thumbsup. Emoji let you convey emotion in your posts, from happiness smiley to sadness anguished to anger angry and everything in between sunglasses . Just type a : (colon) or press the Emoji toolbar button in the editor to select from hundreds of choices ok_hand


£1,500 in server income.


Hehe. Colon.


Fancy me one of them badges…





The respect and admiration of absolutely no one worthwhile


I feel patronised every time i get a badge


:tomato: :tomato: :tomato: :tomato: :tomato: :tomato: :tomato: :tomato:


Flagged this, just to get the badge for flagging something :smiley:


I bookmarked this. No way am I sharing it


I’d like to post a link to another thread, so that I can earn that badge: