What have you eaten today?


In an attempt to get a meal plan out of @marckee I ask…

What have you eaten today?


I’ve eaten a smoothie type thing;
spinach, almonds, brocolli, celery, apple, satsuma… some other crud
a tin of tomato soup and about 10 rice cakes



2x Toast, Hovis Granary with Clover and Marmite
1x Trose Coronation Chicken Sandwich
1x Pack of BBQ Popchips
1x Double Decker


A slice of toast with butter and tuna mayonnaise and spring onions on it. That is all.


2 slices of toast, one with marmite and one with jam
dairy free bircher muesli from pret
butternut squash thai red curry with brown rice
salt and vinegar crisps
4 bourbon creams
an apple


a very healthy salad


3 x toast (Warburton’s seeded) - 2 with Bovril on and one just buttered
1 x Waitrose Mini pork pie
1 x Bag of Wheat Crunchies
1 x Jerk chicken pattie
1 x Cadbury’s Flake

Pizza + Garlic Bread tonight


1* Stoat’s breakfast bar thing - blueberry I think.
1Boots chicken triple sandwich
Boots carrot cake slice

I don’t know how I manage to maintain this comfortable physique.




actually just half a banana


Pint o’ Huel
Baked potato with baked beans and a side of mushy peas


Bowl of Fruit N Fibre (not Kelloggs)
Some crisps.
3 slices of toast and blackcurrant jam.
Approximately 15 grapes (large)


This sounds like a great day. Top eating.

I’ve had half a McDonalds. Couldn’t stomach it.


Think ill pizza tonight


We’ve got a mouse in the flat at the moment and it ate two bananas. I have named it banana mouse and it must be destroyed. When I say it ate two bananas, it chomped into them, it didn’t eat the whole thing. That would be terrifying.


mice are quite sweet though don’t you think?



The bf keeps on saying “DONT CALL IT BANANA MOUSE, we have to kill it! It is bad!” And I know it is. Wee bastards. Edinburgh flats are a bit rife with them though. Back home at my parents you get field mice, they have big funny ears and are v. Cute.


1 x Falafel thing from Hummus Bros
1 x crisps
2 x black coffees

think that’s it for me today barring alcohol


i had some porridge for breakfast and didnt even feel hungry before lunch, so that was good. then for lunch i had a pret chicken wrap thing? the one they toast. cant remember what else was in it but i was hungry for hot meat


can’t you scoop it up and put it outdoors or something?