What have you eaten today?

Bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes with whole milk.
Cup of tea.

Cereal bar.
Cup of tea.

Chicken and bacon sandwich.
Bottle of Ribena Light.

Lamb shawarma sandwich.
Can of Rio.

Bar of milk chocolate.
Grab bag of knockoff Wotsits.

Pint of cordial.
Packet of corned beef.


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1x slice of white toast, buttered
1x Mr Kipling lemon slice
1x Morrisons carrot & parsnip soup
2x pork pie
1x Seabrooks salt & vinegar crisps
1x double decker
1x large chips, 2 battered sausages & a fishcake
2x 330ml Fanta
2.6l water


Fried eggs on toast x2
One piece of baklava
Toast (end piece) with (homemade) gooseberry jam
Quite a lot of Sharps Funyons

About to have a mince pie.
Sausages, potato (form tbc), carrots and Brussels sprouts for tea

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1x steak bake from McDonald’s Bakers

Bag of salt and vinegar golden wonder
Bit of chocolate cake
Leftover chicken and chips
Couple of celebrations
Local indian - chicken tikka masala and naan

Think that’s quite enough for today.

Antibiotic x 2

Small glass of Apples Juice (Tropicana)

Salt and Vinegar Rice Cake (Tesco) x2

Antibiotic x2
Chicken Breast and Rice
Salt and Vinegar Quavers


Bowl of cocos snaps (tesco)

Protein Shake

Antibiotic x2

first brek
two slice toast w blueberry jam

second brek
mozerella pesto tomato wrap
egg cress sandwich
paprika max
bottle of coke

tropical fruit pot
caramel protein drink thing

quorn roast hummus salad sandwich

second tea
gonna have some halloumi and pasta*

* not eaten this yet sorry

Nature Valley oats and choc chip bar
Baxter’s French Onion soup and two slices of toast
Nakd chocolate and orange bar
2 x shortbread fingers (counting calories and this was not on todays agenda but they looked so good :expressionless:)
Slow cooker pepper pot beef to come around 8pm

3x tea
1x orange juice
1x pepsi max

1x double sausage mcmuffin
2x mchash brown

Don’t know what I’m having for dinner. Mcds breakfast served as lunch too.

Nutrition abound


Vegan bean and cheese pasty
Half a packet of paprika max
Egg bagel
Bar of Galaxy

Good lord i need some vegetables

2x slices of hove thick sliced granary toast with butter and marmalade

One banana

3x slices of fried spam, one fried egg, half tin beans, 2 slices toast and butter (only 8 one)

A quantity of these biscuits (lovely)

Rice, black beans and peas cooked in the rice cooker with a tin of mackerel in tomato sauce and cholula

Will go to happy shopper and buy chocolate soon

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Bowl of muesli
Leftover stir fry for lunch
Henry hippo sweets from Lidl
Raspberries with yoghurt
Wholemeal pittas with jalapeño hummus
Green tea

Pie and mash coming up for tea later

Bowl of cornflakes
Cheese and cucumber sandwich
Blackberry muffin
Burger and fries

3x cups of tea
1x Pepsi Max
Currently halfway a pint of Moretti

porridge with coconut milk, banana, chia seeds

beans on toast

orange, frozen blueberries & raspberries, ready salted mccoys, one solidarity jacobs cracker left on the packet

tea will probably some sweet potato with something

Bowl of raisin and cinnamon muesli/cornflakes
Cup of coffee
Cup of coffee
Cheese and pickle toastie
Sour cream sourdough bites
Glass of water
Can of cherry coke
3 cookies
Cup of earl grey tea
Glass of red wine
Palestinian squash soup
3 slices of tiger bread
Glass of red wine

Pretty good day of ingestion thus far

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Chilli and chocolate fondant cookie

Vegan sausage roll
Bag of ready salted Seabrook’s crisps

Mince pie

Prawn stir fry w\ noodles

A raspberry/white choc blondie

3x cups of tea
1x oat flat white
1x 600ml bottle of water
3x pints of apple+black squash

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Bowl of granola with natural yoghurt and honey


M&S Turkey Feast sarnie
Chocolate chip flapjack

About to tuck into dinner which is lasagne
Can o’guinness

Water interspersed throughout the day

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Peanut butter on toast, 2 rounds

Chicken burger: cornflake fried chicken, gherkins, lettuce and spicy mayo
Shared portion of fries

Dark chocolate and pecan cookie

Sausage sandwich with a generous amount of tangy mustard from Tubby Tom’s

So a big day for bread and all the carbs. Might top it off with some cheeselets later when I have a beer.

would be willing to bet 400 pounds that i eat more sandwiches per week than any of you

up to 50 pounds that i eat more slices of bread

How many slices we talking?