What have you eaten today?

10 per day in the week maybe. less on weekends

Piece of toast with clover


Pear, tea

Immunity boost soup - sweet potato and corn flavour, olive bread and an apple. Tea

Biscuit, tea

Quorn escalope, cauliflower cheese, carrots, potatoes
Squash - glass of

Tea, biscuit (about to be consumed)

1 X bowl of shreddies with oat milk
1 X pint of water
1 X coffee
2 X slice of toast
1 X coffee
1 X handful of cashew nuts
1.5 X Derbyshire oatcakes with melted vegan cheese and tomatoes.
1 X pint cordial
1 X vegan chicken / pasta / courgettes
2 X pint beer
1 X bag of crisps
1 X pint cordial

Gonna get a tea in a min but that looks like a lot of stuff X

I have two part-time jobs, and I get a meal deal on my way to each, and some days if I’m feeling really shit i’ll have a third meal deal.


Yeah I’d say I’d average about that before I changed my breakfast a few months ago

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Home made live yoghurt with some granola

Mid morning snack:
Pipers cheese and onion crisps and a Tunnocks caramel wafer

Some home made wheaten bread with cheese and pate
Fruit cake

Afternoon snack:
Some mixed nuts and an apple

Home made Korean Army Based Stew
A little cheesecake thing.

the word ‘hero’ gets thrown around a lot

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Chicken wings
Onion rings
Battered sausage
Doner kebab

Greek yogurt with granola & slivered almonds (sad I forgot to buy blueberries)
Oat milk latte

Sandwich (turkey, swiss, arugula, red onion, avocado, mayo, Colman’s)
A few Trader Joe’s thanksgiving stuffing chips (crisps)

Fried chicken sandwich
Jojo’s (fried potato wedges)
1 pint lager (called Nazi Punks Fuck Off)

4 Haribo peach gummies

Water throughout the day