What have you given up?


(Let’s keep this positive - don’t want to hear that you’ve given up hope, or anything like that).


  • What have you given up?
  • How did you manage it?
  • What did you do to stop yourself from relapsing?


Don’t think I’ve ever needed to give anything up really (don’t drink but that doesn’t count as it’s easy to stop doing something you’re not enjoying). Should give up sweets really but I fucking love sweets.


quit smoking

honestly didn’t find it that difficult. first week was a bummer, then it was fine.


Fizzy drinks with sugar, except for the occasional Sanny P.

Managed it by cold turkey switching to the sugar free equivalents. If you A/B taste test them, the sugary one is so much nicer, so trying to wean myself off them would never work.

Avoid relapse by militantly avoiding the sugary versions of the stuff I really liked, because the sugar free ones will really suffer by comparison.

7up or Sprite?

Same. Last fag I ever had, I lit it, stubbed it out then put it back in the packet. Stench was overwhelming next time I went for one that I pretty much gave it up on the spot, save for a pissed-up cheeky drag on someone’s at a party or whatever.


Also World of Warcraft, and ice cream.


Smoking - it was quite easy for me to do, since I wasn’t motivated by health or financial reasons, more that I just didn’t want to smoke anymore. It took maybe a few weeks for my brain to rewire and for me to find smoking repulsive, which is how I manage to avoid a relapse. Have the occasional pang on a lovely warm summer’s day, but tbh it’s just a total bullshit habit and I have no desire to be a wheezy old fucker.

Sadly that’s where my self-righteousness ends because I still have a multitude of bad habits which I can’t shake.


What’s Sanny P?


San Pellegrino.


Oh, right.


Another ex smoker here. First time I gave up, I would still smoke relatively regularly (on holiday, when out with smoker mates) and then ended up going back to smoking properly when I met the thinly veiled as she was a smoker. Then gave up cold turkey along with her when she got pregnant with our first and have never smoked since. Don’t miss it at all. Think the smoking ban has helped.

Also gave up meat years ago which wasn’t difficult as I never really liked meat aside from beef. So I guess that’s more a case of giving up beef. Wasn’t too difficult - just learnt some new interesting dishes to make…




^ this. Legion pre-patch killed my machine so haven’t bothered. Still read about it though, I like the general tale. Wonder when the Bluray is out of the movie and if there’s a collectors’ edi-trails off


I gave up years ago now. The only part of the game I like is proper raiding, and not being able to just do that in Pandaria killed it for me.




Quit drinking at the start of the year. Being sober was about the only thing I’d not tried in 20 years in an attempt to improve my mental health. Think it’s made a difference and I’ve focused on going out more to fill my evenings and weekends which has been good.


This post is dedicated to all those who came in here to say they’ve given up in a negative way but were denied and alienated.


World of Warcraft
Fizzy drinks


I’ve given up on this thread tbh tbf…


the italics make that hard to believe