What have you got more of right now than you have ever had before?

For me it is dishwasher tablets. Reckon I’m around the 175 mark. Previous best would maybe be around the 120 mark. So I’ve shat all over that.

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Pens. Just noticed the other day the absolute over abundance of pens in this house.

Sorry, Wisdom Teeth, I meant to say Wisdom Teeth

Debts, responsibilities, misery


What is your current score, what was your previous best and are you shitting all over it?

Cans of mid-range, supermarket-available craft beer.


and tea bags

I’ve recently taken to buying the £3 cans from Tesco like some massive Johnny Testicles.


Olive oil, 10 litres thereof. Thanks Costco.


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Reckon if we as a species stopped making pens today we’d have enough to last until they (or we) became obsolete.

  • Cans of expensive high-end craft beers (probably over … £150 worth)
  • Shirts
  • Socks (but many wearing out so need a refresh)

currently got 3 big bags of dry mix 5 bags of cat litter and 4 bottles of fabric conditioner.

Thanks Costco.

Only ever been to Costco in America and I sure as heck did not bring that much cat litter through customs.

Rolls of toilet paper. 'er indoors ha has been stocking up.

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Can we get a number?

Think my best for shit roll is probably early 50s (bought a 45 pack and already had a few in stock).

Done an audit and it’s 48 plus the two that are currently in use.

Beer belly.

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