What have you got on your desk?

Thank you very much

My pleasure. Have a great day, Scott!

You too pal, you too.

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Thread got boring

Soil. Because this weird plant keeps falling over

Phones, vitamins, hair straighteners- all the essentials

Only the World Cup


Our gaff is a strict hot/clear desk so no one has anything interesting on their desk.

Except…came in this morning to find this pleasant badge lurking on the desk I’m using.

Can’t decide whether to adopt it or leave it for someone else to discover…

My notary public stamp.


Nothing weird cause I share it with someone else the other half of the week. Just loads of pies and cakes at the moment. I keep everything clean and alcohol rub things and flash wipe stuff and it makes people think I’m a tidy organised person ha.

We share a couple of desks between the 4 teams, so there’s no room for personal shit.

Somebody (or more than one) made this last winter

Amazingly it lasted the entire winter.

no Epimers allowed

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They mugged you off, that is a swan if I ever saw one.


Shut up

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In work nothing. At home…also nothing.

  • 6 way headphone splitter
  • cup of earl grey
  • boots rehydration treatment sachet
  • a whistle
  • post-its
  • control for the aircon
  • child’s keyboard

At this precise moment in time, a hungry and expectant cat.

She’s pregnant?!

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Would be a (veterinary) medical miracle if she were :wink:

Other than laptop, keyboard, mouse, phone and associated cables, the only thing on my desk is this calendar

However on the row of lockers in front of my desk my team keeps a collection of inflatable objects, currently a shark, a clownfish, an apple and a flamingo. There was an inflatable potted cactus but it had a puncture and the owner eventually got fed up of people comparing it to a flaccid penis