What have you listened to today?

I decided to try something new today. Ive been listening to these on repeat all day, any recs? what have you guys been jamming on?

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Well that’s four great choices you’ve made right there.

Elliott Smith
Beach House
Jay Reatard
Elton John

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Fazerdaze as I was going to the gig today and also El Perro Del Mar as I’m seeing her tomorrow.

Jarvis & Chilly - Room 29
Bert Jansch - Rosemary Lane

Bert Jansch was so fucking good!

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They all caught me by surprise honestly.

I discovered this today & I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it and have had it on repeat


Like all those- good work! I’ve mostly been listening to our legal team today. :sleeping:

Hell is for Heroes
Hundred Reasons
Million Dead

Duran Duran
Violent Femmes
The The
Dirty Pretty Things (for the drive home. That’s a good album)

Which R.E.M. album(s) did you listen to?

Murmur. 1983.

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Drunk is my AOTY tbh

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Started off with The Incessant by Meat Wave, then moved on to the Smashing Pumpkins 1993 Metro Show. Siva in particular, that screaming when the song comes back in is amazing.

Never heard that far back to be honest. This came up in my 1001 albums list. I’m not sure about R.E.M. so it’s good to delve. I think At My Most Beautiful and Daysleeper might be two of the loveliest songs ever written, and Losing My Religion is obviously great. I’ve got Out Of Time which I like, and Automatic For The People which I like less.

On the way into work: Mount Eerie and a bit of Either/Or
Back: Kendrick, a mate’s band and Seapony

That’s my favourite Jansch album, so good. Nobody’s Bar is a great tune

Been listening to lots of John Lurie after someone posted one of the Marvin Pontiac tunes on facebum. Glorious Waitsy weirdo jazz blues pop. Also been investigating Snoop Dogg’s oeuvre, had Tha Blue Carpet Treatment on and really enjoyed it. Lots of his albums only a couple of quid on Amazon so might have to take the plunge


I bought this compilation album from an Asda nearby with pocket money in 1992. That’s easily my most listened to album ever. Reminds me of my GCSEs and A Levels. I’m 40 did my GCSEs in '92 and A Levels in '94. Some albums remind you of or are the soundtrack to certain parts of your life.

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Not sure if that link works. But hopefully this one does (probably won’t). Such an amazing album albeit a Best Of