What have you started doing recently?

I’ve started using toothpaste tablets. I keep a toothbrush at my desk (home) and brush my teeth there.

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Buying flowers for myself from the supermarket every week. It’s a nice treat and brightens the lounge, and they make me smile when I look at them. This week I have sunflowers.


Having porridge with peanut butter and banana and @shes_so_high @meowington it’s great and so filling!

Also collecting coins and banknotes. I have loads of stuff!


I started using the app called Balance for my phone. It’s a nice guided meditation system for daily meditation, that is a nice compliment to my two sessions of transcendental meditation. Helping me a bit.

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I’ve started trying to learn pottery.


Oh that’s awesome, i’d love to learn to make pottery. How are you finding it? :slight_smile:

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Really into snacking on a cracker with honey and a chunk of cheese on top. Absolute god tier snack and feels vaguely sophisticated, like being at a little party on my own.

always on my own


Instantly reminded me of this song from their best album.


Nice! Great song. :heart_eyes:

That was the song that made me fall in love with Low. I remember going to a record store where they had one of those CD listening booths. Such a perfect introduction to the band.


This is now up. Things We Lost In The Fireplace


I’ve only done 3 classes so far but I’m definitely enjoying it!

It is tough, though I wasn’t expecting it to be easy. It’s just funny how effortless the people who know what they’re doing make it look so simple.

I got way into pottery and watching people make stuff on Instagram and The Great Pottery Throwdown and just had to try it. Definitely worth at least a one off class if you can find somewhere near you!


I’ll definitely look out for a class. I did do a decorating one off class a few years ago but that was on pre made vases, so would love to have a go at making pottery from scratch.

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