What have you stolen?



All answers welcomed; anything from a paperclip upwards
Chat allowed.


Afternoon, officer.


A pretty bride during the summertime


heart of the nation


Accidentally stole some 50p paracetamol the other day because it didn’t scan at the self checkout and wasn’t heavy enough to be an unexpected item in the bagging area so there’s a top tip for all you unscrupulous pain sufferers out there


traffic cones
road signs
pint glasses
plant pots
ash trays
5p carrier bags
items that haven’t scanned
electrical leads

I never considered myself a thief.

Thank you for the therapy.


A shoe horn (accidentally).


Your jobs and your women.


hi guys, i’ve done lots of non-specific thefting recently. haha. how about you guys? what have you stolen specifically?


japes made me steal a pint glass


Two years ago I was strangely confused in Sainsburys. The nice lady took my bottle of gin away at the self service tills to remove the security tag and gave it back to me 30 seconds later. I put that and everything else in my panniers, forgetting that I’d not actually paid until I’d gone all the way from Dalston to my then workplace near London Bridge. More recently when I’ve bought a bottle of something they remove the security tag only after I’ve paid for it. A sensible change of policy.


gonna start doing this hayfever tablets i think, cos i always make the mistake of scanning them and then them being too light to register on the bagging area thing so it causes a whole “PLEASE PLACE ITEM IN THE BAGGING AREA” hassle and someone has to come over. i’d be saving everyone’s time if i just nicked em.


More of a pannetone man tbh


fairly sure I’ve never stolen anything


Noah, along with Marckee, screams ‘Narc’. Are the feds closing in on DiS?


Bloody hell


pulls fire alarm in panic


So many pint glasses


I have done this, and a particularly fetching mug in a tiki bar.

I also put the wrong change into the bus because because because… I can.


I woke up to find 4 Beavertown glasses in my kitchen the other week so them I guess.