What holibobs you got upcoming? 🚝 🚢 ✈

Holibobs - that’s a fun, jaunty word isn’t it?

We are now fully ensconced in the tyranny of school holidays so need to plan any trips to the Nth degree. As such, using every available non school period to get away for the rest of the year.

October - off to Greece for a week. Small village on one of the Ionian Islands out of season so should be quiet. Hoping the weather holds up.

November - Dortmund for a long weekend (school Inset day on the Friday). Eldest’s school does German immersion from day one so keen to get her somewhere where she can practice her mad language skills. Dirt cheap to go to Dortmund in November perhaps unsurprisingly - the kids’ flights out were £7 each. Anyone got any Dortmund tips?

December - off to Bruges for Christmas :grinning: It will be like a fairytale natch. Hate most elements of Christmas, but actually excited about being out of the country for it this year.

What have you guys got? Please let me live vicariously through your mega foreign trips please :+1:


Off to Biarritz this week.

That’s it. Got a bunch of work travel in October and November so I cba with anything else.

Next Saturday I’m off to Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey
Still need to book… any accomodation at all



Off to Mallorca next week, canny fucking wait

I’m doing it on Mnoday

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Off to CentreParcs in two weeks.

Think we might see if we can go to one of Copenhagen or Budapest next year.

It’s on my list of things to discuss this weekend.

Still hunting for a song called ‘going to azerbaijan’ brb

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Bloody love that song

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Sicily in October. This is the view from the villa, Etna in the background :heart_eyes:


Week off in October to sit around make music, play videogames and eat biscuits

Off to London for the weekend in November (anyone wanna go up the Oxo tower?)

Iceland in February. Portugal in May.

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You know what book has some really good sections set in Budapest - this one…


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None currently.

Got dangerously close to pulling the trigger on a Dortmund Bayern ticket on Viagogo and booking a cheap flight the other day but it wouldn’t have been anything even approaching a sensible decision so I didn’t.

Campervan in Eskdale for a weekend in the middle of October.

Some kind of swank wigwam for a weekend in November. Know nowt about it really, wife’s friends organising.

Greece and Scotland next summer.

Try to get away for a night or two in the van as and when.

Really wanna go to Dortmund - Schalke at either ground (and stay somewhere nearby but better like Dusseldorf of Koln). Probably won’t be this season though


Might see if I can see some Beşiktaş or Fenerbache actually

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off to mallorca next year

on a bicycle



Get to see Ryan Babel IN THE FLESH