What holibobs you got upcoming? 🚝 🚢 ✈

that’s tempted me tbh

November: Manchester for 4 days to cheer on my best mate on when he films Countdown. definitely going to be an octochamp, probably will beat my score… although we are ridiculously in sync so he’ll probably score exactly the same as me or something.

December: Birmingham, first weekend of the month, for a tournament (which I may be hosting but may be playing in).

January: Lincoln, last weekend of the month, for a tournament (which I am definitely not hosting). My sleeping arrangements have not been sorted out yet at my favourite Lincolnshire Travelodge :upside_down_face:

Not exactly the most riveting schedule but I don’t know what the sitch with holidays is at my new job. Hoping to go to Glasgow next spring and do a fortnight-long trip to Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova and Romania next summer.

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Fuckin wads of folk on bikes there. Wee place called tolos near where we go where all the cyclists congregate

Off to Dublin on Tuesday for three days.

February - June: Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, West Coast US


so jealous, this sounds amazinggg

Aruba in about 325 days…

Looking at Iceland for February possibly, if not somewhere for a few days at Easter. Valencia maybe - I know someone with a house there, so that’d be easy enough to organise.

The woman might be going to South Africa with uni - If she does, I’m definitely going away somewhere for a few days.

So, 1 definite and possibly another 2 or 3. If all else fails, we’ll at least have a few days in Snowdonia again or something like that.

Yes it does! Read this just before an interail trip that took in quite a few of the places featured in the book. Really got me in the mood.

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That’s^ a good trip! Are you going to do it by train? I had some posts on old DiS about my Romania - Moldova - Transnistria trip which was AMAZING…

Off to Geneva again in October for six weeks but I’ll be working in an office so it doesn’t really count. It’s nice in autumn though. Coming back for a weekend in the middle to take the TV for his birthday treat in London.

Got a weekend somewhere cold and hilly planned (might be the Lake District, can’t remember) for just before Christmas.

Might go to South Africa in February as we’ve been invited to a wedding there, depends if we can afford it.

Besiktas are playing new-kids-on-the-block Istanbul Basaksehir on Oct 23rd, reckon that would be good

Nowt planned, other than going to London for Static Shock fest. Planning on moving abroad next year, so trying to save €€€

Ooft, it’s the big one on the 22nd as well, if you can do Galatasaray Fenerbahce I will be insanely jealous

Going to Vilnius in November then not allowed any more holidays as we’re planing on moving back to Wellington for a bit in April.

Fucking none because I’m in pre-employment limbo. I want to go to Brighton on the 23rd of October to see GY!BE but there’s fuck all chance of that happening unless some money falls from the sky.

Gonna go to this ancient fire temple near Baku where natural gas has been exploding for thousands of years and people think it’s the devil

Gonna take marshmallows


LEGOLAND (billund) at the start of April. For my sons (actually my) birthday.

Trying to sort out a snowboarding holiday for January too.

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Might be the only game in world football I’d baulk at going to as a tourist

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Aye, I desperately want to do it but it would be fucking frightening.

I’m sure there’s plenty of floppy haired goths to blend in with