What holibobs you got upcoming? 🚝 🚢 ✈

I’m not sure yet! I have to fly into and out of Minsk to avoid needing a visa - but I will look into it for the other countries :smiley:

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My mate was doing the classic gap year shite, not really a football fan but thought it’d be the done thing to go see some in buenos aires, ended up at the game that relegated River Plate for the first time in their history, said that was pretty hairy

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Ooh I didn’t know about this! It looks vaguely like the Door to Hell: Darvaza gas crater - Wikipedia

Just booked a long weekend in Copenhagen in December and then Japan for 3 weeks next Easter for my 30th. Would love to fit a ski trip in in January but that will be booked late as can’t afford it otherwise.

I am going to do Boca River Plate at La Bombonera at some point in my life. I’ll be really pissed off if I die without doing it.

South American derbies look fucking mental though, knew a lad who went to Penarol vs Monteviedo and he said there was some bloke with a bag of live chickens who was taking them out, breaking their necks and throwing them at Monteviedo players when they came over to take corners.


Dortmund is fine. It’s the last city in the chain of the Ruhrgebiet, the biggest metropolitan area of Germany. It’s a big university town, plus also the football.

Very quick and easy to get to Düsseldorf, Bonn and Cologne from there.

Directly to the SE is the Sauerland, a beautiful national park area with hills and forests.

Nice to know @anon29812515 is keeping himself busy


I’m not specifically going on holiday anywhere this year (already been to Japan and Croatia and visited family in France). However I am waiting to hear today what my next travel assignments for work are.

Proper up for this. Provisionally, the 19th or 20th of November would be a good date :sunglasses:

October - Sicily and Florence. Just over a week including my birthday. My first ever birthday abroad!!

May - Going to Ohio for the memorial golf tournament as my bfs grandad is being honored so we all get to go and watch the tournament. I fucking hope I meet Rickie Fowler SO MUCH :heart:

Buying a house next year so need to reign in the holibobs a bit.

in London on the 19th but 20th is good :+1:

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(when are you going and where?)

Ooft! We’re going 21st - 29th October and staying just south of Syracuse overlooking Ortigia.

None :frowning: I might take some time off next month to do some more… PAINTING

We will be there the same time! I’m going 18th - 23rd then Florence from 23rd - 25th.

We’re gonna be in Taormina.
Right here:


Both east coast. Taormina looks lovely m9, I’mma be here:


I’m going to Berlin for a long weekend in December.

17 days in Japan in February.

I am super excited about both. I’m currently obsessively researching Japan.

nowt booked. Got like 21 days of leave/TOIL to take by December. Almost got too much choice of where to go it’s hard to make plans

There’s a couple of excellent threads on Japan on here somewhere.

EDIT: here we go: