What holibobs you got upcoming? 🚝 🚢 ✈

It looks like it’s still gonna be kind of warm. Like 25 degrees? And not full of loads of tourists!

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I’ve been in October before and it’s a good month for it, beaut weather, quite quiet. Bloody love Sicily.

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My sister’s going to South Korea next year and I wanna go too but probably won’t be able to afford it. :frowning:

Not for me but thanks, going to take a look through all these.

Going to Cornwall in sunny November, the school holidays in England falling at a different time than the Welsh ones wiped £ of the price for 4 days.

I’m off to Iceland at the end of October :grinning:

Have any of you ever been?

Thank you!

Yeah, but only because we don’t have a Farm Foods nearby.


Try the king prawn ring!

EDIT: fucked it


All :bike: holidays.

Girona in a couple of weeks.

Mallorca next March with some DiSers hopefully.

Will do LEJOG next year, and somewhere in France for Le Tour.

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We all have.

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Not had holibobs in ages as all money and time off has been spent on buying/ rebuilding house.

however, got a few days off in October and keen to go away (probably still Scotland though as I can’t be faffed with the thought of dragging a toddler through an airport/flight when he won’t really have a clue what is happening). I’d much rather load up the car with all of his paraphernalia and head off on the ferry down the road and see where we end up. Any suggestions for kid friendly west/ central Scotland destinations welcome!

it is beautiful there! I love sicily.

LEJOG is the best holiday ever :+1:


Back to the UK for the first time in 5 months next week ;D

Two days in Vienna (seeing Gorillaz live too) in November.

That’s it D:

Ljubljana - November
Paris - November
NYC - May
Lisbon / Eurovision - May


Well jel for Eurovision


Can’t wait. When do you think is the best time to do it? May / June?

ME TOO! :smiley:

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@AQOS will be there too. DiS mEaT

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