What house were you in at school? #schoolweek

I was in Dugard

Colour: yellow
Named after: William Dugard (headmaster from 1637 - 1643)
Motto: Dieu Garde (think something about God protecting us)

Tory hell hole.

We were the best house at sports in my year.





Great contribution to #schoolweek

Primary School
Colour : Blue
Named After : Stirling Castle
Motto : No idea.

Don’t remember high school, I think the colour was yellow and they were named after famous Potters.

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My school did weird stuff like have a six day week (that didn’t mean coming in at the weekend) and I think “Houses” were replaced with something else where it was like a selection of kids from all the different year groups divvied into groups instead for some reason. Odd.

We didn’t have houses but our form was ‘C’ (each form was a letter that spelled out the name of the school, lazy as fuck imo)

We called them form groups, not houses.

Ogilvie, then Bellarmine, then Ogilvie again

Went to a comp, so we didn’t have any of this nonsense, thankfully


Out forms were also letters. For some reason we had forms that were completely separate to houses. Not sure what the houses were really for tbh.

(thought this was something made up for Harry Potter until a few years ago)


Mitchener, our houses were all named after former headmistresses :face_vomiting: Hiscock was the best one but it got changed after I left because the headmistress didn’t enjoy us chanting YOU SUCK, HISCOCK! on Sports Day.

In year 5 at primary we had four ‘houses’ in my class and we changed their names every term. So one term they were named after Hogwarts houses (I was in Gryffindor) and one term they were named after bands (I can’t remember which one I was in - there was Korn, Limpbizkit, Offspring and I can’t remember the other one. Maybe Linkin Park?? I don’t think it was though). Can’t remember the other term.

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Err Peter maybe? Catholic school, houses were named after the disciples



they renamed the houses not all that long after I left

not sure who after, but I guess people who weren’t shits

Bike brands


Our “houses” were just the names of colours, that’s it - I was in yellow but there was red, blue, green and purple. I was at a standard comp in London

Whats with all these names

My school had houses for sports events, and they were called Red, Yellow, Green and Blue

I was CAPTAIN of Red