What * hygiene rating would your kitchen at home get?

Using the nationally recognised green, front-window sticker system. So out of five.

Please be honest, there will be no judgement in this thread.

I would say mine is normally 4*, as we are all fairly tidy. However, recently, it would have to be 2* or 3* as we are coming to the end of our tenancy and we are going to be forced to fork out for professional cleaners in about a week, so why bother?

I need further information on what each of the levels mean in order to give my response the level of care and attention I feel your thread deserves.


Depends, are people coming round soon?

Busy tonight sorry mate

pretty good apart from the mice poo

I don’t actually think they’ve thought it through tbh so I probs not gonna come back in this thread

Probably for the best, everything’s currently covered in a light film of Huel dust.

I definitely wouldn’t order a takeaway from it


↑ 1* kitchen

Wait, who hasn’t thought what through? I hope to God you’re not throwing any aspersions at ol’ Jizzy William here…

work surfaces are clean etc,


think I would get a poor rating for my fridge though - I’m pretty lackadaisical about uncooked stuff near cooked stuff etc

A solid 2 but only if the inspector’s likely impressed with the fact that I sweep the charred remains of various food products out of the oven once every five years or so.

I clean the pots once a week. Some weeks i can’t be arsed so they sit there for two weeks and the really crusty ones get binned. So that.

Yeah…but do either of your cats get on the surfaces when you’re not there? Instant 0 in the real world probably. :wink:

I mean, do you actually expect us to go onto the FSA website and read How the rating are worked out?

I’m struggling to find the corresponding info online. I’m afraid Elaina might be right

Mice poo, see you, poo, see you: mice!

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are you saying you reuse cooking pots without washing them?



I am actually