What I love is



when someone has a phone call that ends “oh that’s brilliant, thank you very much. Bye now” and then hangs up and say “fuck of Barry, you fucking twat”.

I like doing this, I like hearing it. I love the whole experience.


Not gonna find any argument here from me


Classic @Antpocalypsenow


The subject line of this makes it sound shit but really your post delivered I feel.


I also like the pre-emptive version:

“Oh it’s this fucking cu-HI DAVE! LONG TIME!”


Every fucking day, a particular idiot US colleague will call either myself or my sometime office buddy and it’s always: deep sigh, shoulders slump “for FUCK’s saHEY BUDDY, HOW YOU DOING TODAY, SLUGGER?”


[leaves thread]

“Christ that was a fucking shit thread”


I do that if I’m with the #lads. ‘Yeah I love you too sweetie’ * hangs up * ‘Not really!!! Oi oi!’


Nothing to add except my complete agreement - quality stuff.


I heard that the Pope does it after he’s prayed.

“Ha ha, like fuck I do. Kiss my arse, God”.


Hope I never have this kind of job

Makes me think of fat Americans working in the world trade center


Just did one of these a few minutes before opening this thread.

Oh, what does this prick want now…


Hanging up after a long phone call: “wrong number”


Doesn’t have to be at work. Any call.