What if you were an actor trying to make it in acting

But your facial expressions for emotions weren’t like ‘traditional’ facial expressions. Like you would go to casting and they would be “Give me brooding!” And then you did your brooding face, but they were all “no,no, that’s not brooding!”. Or they said “give me happy, kid!” And then you looked happy, but they were all “Ya call THAT happy!” But that was just what you looked like happy.
People would say maybe you weren’t a good actor, but that’s not really true because you were acting with just your set of non standard emotional facial expressions.
Guess you would just do podcasts or something.
Anyway, something to think about isn’t it?

This is the absolute definition of a bad actor. End of podcast.

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But you’re just bad at acting the norm for facial emotions. Maybe in an audience of 200, 1 of those people is like “fucking hell, what a performance” and they’re crying or something.

Just do your faces and ask someone what they are. Then do them when someone asks for that

that’s how being autistic feels sometimes


Think I’d be a fucking mint actor me

This is what acting school is for and why you get things like actors going “b-b-b-but!” to show hesitancy or if the character is on the back foot or something even though no one does that in real life

Load of shite

what if you were great and believable at all the emotions. Moved people to tears. But acting angry you looked constipated or something. Like a tennis pro with no backhand. It would be over, you’re finished in this business!

Get a role on The Archers

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