What in the FUCK

It was pretty fun imagining being in the dystopian world. What I didn’t realize is that I certainly would have died within the first week

Moonie McRockface

well without cricket on the radio, I’m not sure what’s worth living for.

DiS but via messenger pigeons

the pigeons would crash into lamp posts without the moon to guide them

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Armageddon tired of all these near misses


I don’t Deep Impact it

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come on guys give this asteroid a bit more respect.

It’s pretty crazy!

What’s your survival strategy for a big asteroid?

  • Climb! Climb very high!
  • Borrow into the earth! Burrow very deep!
  • Sweet sweet death
  • Glee
  • Other (specify)

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Damn made it anon by mistake. Name yourselves cowards

“dad! There’s an asteroid heading straight for earth. We’ve got 12 hours”



would really like to ride an apocalyptic asteroid to impact.

hope the saudis can arrange this when the time comes.


that’s a planet killer. not even bacteria would survive.

That asteroid slag has really freaked my nut.


I voted “Glee”

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Surely we keep some bacteria on the moon for an event such as this


And if we don’t this is what moon 2.0 should be for.

Get on with it Elon!

you’d think so but try telling that to the fat cats in washington

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Catch it and throw it back