What insurance do YOU have?


OH FUCK IT’S INSURANCE -surance -surance -surance

Aight let’s poll, you bunch of nametags.

You have/pay in to

  • Home contents Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Bike Insurance hahaha
  • Building insurance
  • Phone insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Other (please specify below)
  • Travel insurance

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Life insurance - to lie or not to lie

literally just bought contents insurance for the first time in my life coz i’m on the ground floor. that’s all.




Building insurance is arranged by our freeholder but we pay for it. Fucking stupid.

I don’t have bike insurance, but I have public liability insurance when cycling.


great ‘other’, thank you


Absolutely none.




where’s the “health insurance” option? Not a posho just an ex-pat. OR DO I NOT COUNT ANYMORE (apparently I only comment in tweet-size form now)


oh fuck i’m so down to earth it didn’t even occur to me! good shout lordship!


Yeah, it’s not good but at the same time I’m officially jobless so I can’t really afford to get any. If something ever goes wrong I’m fucked.


I said travel insurance, but I just organise it individually for each trip rather than an annual policy or whatever.

Yeah, this.

They recently had the building revalued and it had apparently doubled in value, so the premium has pretty much doubled and it was back dated for a year too ffs.


Pet insurance

  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Rabbit
  • Other (please state)
  • None

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I own none pets.

Why would you insure a rabbit - aren’t they only like a tenner to replace?


fuck i forgot this too i’m having a nightmare


shouldn’t have made me laugh; did


are you actually an urban fox, you bastard? LEAVE OUR PETS ALONE


I have a cat but he has so much wrong with him it’s cheaper to save money and pay out when necessary. (like that £1500 earlier this year :sweat: )


fucking OUCH.


Your chickens are mine.


skulks around bins; has insanely loud sex