What is an ingredient?

I’ll allow salt and pepper as non-ingredients but coriander definitely is.

BBC up to no good in a lot of these.


90ml/6 tbsp olive oil


First item on the list has eight ingredients!

I look forward to the glorious non-EU future when we can be happy with meat and potatoes for every meal.

I’d accept store cupboard basics as not counting, if you consider the quantity of ingredients the things you’ll need to add to your shopping list. So can just about accept the 8 ingredient penne as 5 if you remove salt&pepper, oil and the fact they’ve tagged the basil as optional.

Don’t hear much about outgredients, hey?



I am whelmed by this comment

Standing ongredients

why couldn’t they include sugar on the list?

because it was in greedy ants.

ingrediants. greedy, ants. a work in progress.


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