What is annika rice up to?



I saw someone that looked quite like her the other day.



I didn’t realise she was welsh.


I feel like I saw her on TV fairly recently. Can’t remember in what context though.


maybe she finally learnt to fly a helicopter herself


According to Wikipedia she’s from my hometown. Had no idea. No one’s ever mentioned her.


Maybe there is a dark secret


One Saturday morning I woke up and the Challenge Anneka wagon was parked just down the road from my house. As a child, this was incredibly exciting.

No idea what she’s up to now. Guess I just hope she’s found happiness.


I saw her on pointless recently. She was incredibly annoying.



she always made me think of rice pudding


i met her in millport when i was a wee boy, she was filming a ‘challenge annika’ thing



as recently as YESTERDAY she was just casually knocking out masterpieces like this https://twitter.com/AnnekaRice/status/781534111445942276?lang=en


It was this one though:


OMG she was in belfast at the same time as some people in work last week!


she also has an isle of wight connection


As a small girl my wife waited outside the church on Anneka’s wedding day just to catch a glimpse.


she was the true people’s princess


Which of her wedding days?


why was she in disguise?