What is berocca for?



I got some a while ago and take it when I’m at work. I thought it was just vitamins. Is it?


Aye, debunked, delicious vitamins innit.


The problem I have with it is that it limits my ability to see how dehydrated I am because now my wee is neon orange


Hangovers. Fluorescent wee.


It was invented by the members of Metric to allow them to deal with the mornings after a big night out with their singer.


Pinch the skin above your knuckle on your fingers, if it stays up you’re dehydrated.


For aiding recovery after a night out with Emily Haines, obviously.


Anybody else and I’d be liking this post.


I don’t have much skin there?


What was debunked?





Dunno, they’re supposed to be a load of old bollocks aren’t they? I don’t care either way, give me that delicious placebo!


Weird post.


Not really. I refuse to contribute to your appalling likes given/received ratio, that’s all.


Just vitamins, though, right?


Wow, yeah, the man gives no love.


I can’t help it if others keep liking my posts.

Same with twitter too. Retweets and complimentary replies are a much more thoughtful way of showing appreciation.


I’m sure I read somewhere that it can be used (along with ice cubes) for some sort of bedtime-related fun. Or maybe it was Alka Seltzer


Peter Andre swears by it…