What is Billy up to?


How close to sold out does it seem in there?


It was 2008. Nottingham arena. He stormed off stage an hour early.


Oh no, the regret is kicking in, I’m going to put vieuphoria on


I missed seeing them somewhere between 1994-1996. I think I had an exam the next day or something and tickets were extortionate for someone who had a paper round.

One of my mates who was a megafan went and said they were shite.

Still would have liked to have seen them but I doubt it would have ranked as a particularly notable gig.


Floor is pretty full but seats about 1/4 empty. Sounding good but atmosphere is…lacking.




I dunno where my DVD is (my mum’s probably) but I just found it on YouTube.

Quality is VHS-esque as well!!


also worth watching from the music videos dvd bonus features


machina is better than gish and adore


I’d forgotten how charmingly crap all the comedy interludes on this are.


Also this :fire:


best ever band tv appearance imho


+1 to what robluvsnic said about those Ladytron albums.


Ugh, that sucks. I wish bands would take a step back in the moment to remember the entire crowd doesn’t deserve to get punished.

I genuinely love how he handled the awful crowd when I saw them in 2008 - he played a full set, and then did an extended We Only Come Out at Night on kazoo where he taunted the audience in between choruses for having paid money to witness this.


They were really good tonight. I skipped the solara / dumbo encore. Patches of absolute brilliance. Wish they’d drop the covers for their own stuff. Glad I went


Changed my desktop background to cheer myself up


Yeah I had a lot of fun with it, there was a definite lull with that James solo followed back to back songs from Adore which was :grimacing: and yeah, three covers, all of them unnecessary. Still, worth what I paid (roughly 3/8 of the asking price) and Mayonnaise/ Cherub Rock / stand inside your love all sounded amazing.


Yeah that’s a good summary. Thought everything off Mellon collie was great too (jumping around to bullet with… was fun). Mayonnaise and cherub rock really stood out. James was brilliant throughout. Just hated those covers (esp as they didn’t play muzzle!!!)


Yeah that was ace - so glad I went. Proper victory lap stuff - exactly what it said on the tin, really. Agree about the lulls but, fuck me, some of the peaks were phenomenal. Stand-outs from memory: Cherub Rock, Hummer, Mayonaise, Soma and the opening Disarm (actually teared up a little - don’t @ me). Thought his voice sounded pretty decent too. I was right up on the barrier in front of Billy and, man, he can still fucking shred can’t he?!


Definitely feel like that could have been a phenomenal hour and a half / two hour set tops and cut out a lot of the bloat. Really lulled in the middle and the covers were totally unnecessary but when they were good they were GREAT. Cherub Rock, Disarm, Today all sounded incredible and it was surprisingly loud.

Trouble I have with them is that Billy is a great songwriter and player but has no charisma whatsoever and often seems actively unlikeable. The band feels like hired guns so there isn’t the chemistry to carry a show that long…including the members who were in the original lineup!

Still one of my favourite shows of the year.

Also saw a definite DiS-er in a Hot Snakes t shirt.