What is Billy up to?


What did the new stuff sound like?


The “bloat” is there for the hard core, like myself. The middle of the setlist in the show I saw was my favorite part, with songs like Eye, For Martha, To Sheila, The End is The Beginning is The End, Stand Inside Your Love, etc. If you have seen them many times, these songs are the best moments. I take piss breaks on Today or Bullet everytime—literally plan to take a bathroom break on those songs. Great songs but just have heard them so many times live I just don’t need to hear them anymore. So bring on the bloat! I feel the same way about the covers. They are fun, and often excessive but hey that’s SP. And SP has a legacy of playing at least a few covers in their shows.


Is this now self parody?


I’d have been so irked if they didn’t play muzzle


Paid £40 to stand. The sound was pretty good I’d say, I’ve certainly heard much worse in much smaller venues. My ears are ringing and it felt quite loud. Like someone said, the high points were absolutely magical.


Cancelled the solo Milan show appaz


What a shame they’re not doing other regional shows. I’d be all over a Manchester Arena date.


Billy is blaming promoters, reckons London ana Bologna were the only two offers



Intrigued by “Mark McGrath Vaudeville Interlude”?


Coz he’s a knob who only wanted Arena venues. Play 2000 capacity and the whole of europe would have been on board. There is definitely a fanbase. Dont see why he thinks he’s above playing o2 academy/shepherd’s bush sized venues (pixies, blur, strokes, SOAD all played there)


Covering Stairway and that encore can both gtfo but that’s a pretty epic setlist


Guess it’s the intro to the video for the new song


Did they cover stairway in its entirety because if so that is a baller move



Was at the show and I really enjoyed For Martha, especially the video in the background.

For some reason, I really enjoyed the slower songs this time around. To me, his voice these days sounds better in these moments than on the harder/faster songs


Holy cow, starting with Disarm was really balsy, but it sounded amazing and agree with you about the intense emotion from it.


I know his voice was never everyone’s cup of tea but I really can’t stand his current voice, like every line the phrasing is off and it sounds affected in a way it didn’t before


I think his voice might have deteriorated (normal for doing it for so long), as during the gig he was cutting off at points where he’d maybe go into a growl or such like


Yeah I get that he can’t scream, but the odd timing seems like more of a decision, it’s like every line is rushed


He has been fairly adamant in his recent Instagram Q&As that he, y’know, definitely still could if he wanted to. He just doesn’t want to. :man_shrugging: