What is Billy up to?


What a plonker.


It has nothing to do with being a knob and thinking he’s too good for those venues. The venues you named are the venues they normally play—he likes them just fine. But this is not a normal SP tour—it’s specifically designed for large arenas. The entire set design, sound system, everything. Also the amount of asses in seats needs to be a certain level to justify dragging the expensive setup into the venue. This is not a band above playing even tiny venues under normal circumstances.


Yeah but the American tour is done, think most fans would have preferred they scaled it back if it was a choice between a stripped down show or no show in their cities


I’m assuming it will be back to venues that size soon enough when the new album drops and they head back out to tour on that


I dunno. His insta q&a stated he is no longer gonna play smaller shows from here onwards. Didnt screenshot anything but it was mentioned a few times.


Well he may be a bit puffed up after the arena taste. :slight_smile:
But the reality is they won’t be able to pack big shows like that touring on new material. Only reason they could pull this off was due to James return, Jimmy back at the drums and then explicitly saying the setlist would almost entirely be pulled from first five albums. Can’t see them getting a promoter to back another arena tour unless the new album sells incredibly well and it’s been a very long time since new SP material has done that. Economics will trump even BC’s over-sized ego. Unless…D’arcy suddenly returns $$$$$


I think he said something like ‘people in Europe need to get over the small show fantasy, it’s not going to happen’


Oh he probably means re: this tour specifically then


Has he revealed why he hates Donnie Darko? Can’t keep up with his Instagram


Think he needs to get over the big show fantasy come next year…new album will tank and he will scrap all the new archives and machina reissue hes been touting


can’t believe he is ditching the Vasily Kafanov artwork for machina


imagining Taylor Swift’s pivot into prop comedy now


Singing “We Are Never Getting Back Together” while being sawn in half by a magician?


Just another person Corgan has fallen out with…


is there known beef there or is it just an educated guess?


Another q+a answer…someone asked if he had a falling out or just wanted a new visual…corgo said both


He’s still doing great art on the mewithoutYou albums. I didn’t clock it was the same guy until recently.


I’ve seen the stuff he has done for them on his website.

Wonder if he fell out with Billy because Billy was like ‘can you produce about 40 pieces of fine art for me, that weave in all kinds of esoteric, occult symbolism that reflect the albums narrative’ Vasily is like ‘of course here you go’ Billy is like ‘cheers I’ll use two of them’


Wait…Mark McGrath from 90s nu-metal no-marks Sugar Ray? Surely not.


I really enjoyed most of that gig:
*Great to hear the Siamese Dream tracks - an incendiary Cherub Rock, Hummer, Mayonnaise in particular
*Tonite Tonite was epic and cathartic; Rinocerese a highlight
*Sound at Wembley was better and louder than expected - as the seating was 3/4 full I managed to move from my dud seats (where you had to crane your neck to the right) where sound was ok to much closer and it was a right move.
*Covers excepting Fleetwood Mac - for years I thought Landslide was one of their own anyway. There has to be a rule against 10 minute Stairways to Heaven
*Not on board with much of the visual imagery in the background - lots of pictures of devils…and Billy …and erm Billy as a devil.
*Didn;t mind the cheesy recorded intros but a bit of actual live chatter would have been better and agree with the above comment that the band, whilst very accomplished, lacked a little unity somehow.
*I was getting into it a lot - was at the back and in an empty row so not blocking anyway or getting in the way…didn’t stop some drunk lads taking the mick…most of the crowd seemed great but I guess in London you will either get chatty or drunk/annoying. In this case the latter.

Still…a 3 hr set…that for the most part whizzed by and for over half of it was nothing short of electric and captivating.