What is currently in the detritus of your bag


I have:

  • dried lavender (picked some and forgot to take it out of my bag, it smells nice so I don’t mind)
  • salt because a sachet of salt got torn. Need to get rid
  • chewits wrappers (don’t like littering but also clearly don’t like clearing my bag out either)


So many sweet wrappers and miscellaneous pieces of paper that it’s quite heavy even when it’s “empty”.


I keep my backpack pretty clean but yeah, loads of manky old tissues


Quite a lot of receipts, and some strepsils.


Mainly receipts, and bitten off bits of fingernail. Don’t judge me.


I’ve got a Hawaiian bus ticket in my bag. It went in my bag when I caught the bus back in 2012 - I forgot about it for a year or two, and then when I found it I decided to keep it in there as a nice reminder of the type of holiday I won’t get to go on again for a very long time.


Oooo this is a good thread. Will contribute tomorrow. A teabag burst in my bag so I’ve got a lot of tea coated things to tell you about


I cleaned mine out yesterday. It was just a few unused napkins from lunches, some old receipts and an out-of-date printout of my DnD character (Wood Elf Wizard, Level 7 if you must know).