What is in your BAG!

I know someone created this topic years ago on DIS I am just not sure who so my apologies. But anyway, I loved it and I just looked at my bag from the weekend which i;'m yet to unpack thinking ‘actually this was a bloody good topic’.

Anyway in my bag:

2 x harmonicas
a foundation that has leaked over all my other make up
Bottled water that now smells a bit musty
A can of Elvis Juice
hand gel
A face mask covered in lipstick
A setlist that has ripped
spare contact lenses
body spray
Chanel no5 Perfume in a proseco bottle as I accidentally smashed the perfume bottle a couple of months ago and it was the only thing handy
spare headphones
That’s it.

What’s in your bag!


hi mits, this is extremely on brand - particularly chanel in prosecco bottle. current contents of my bright eyes tote bag (lol)

piano sheet music
hand sanitizer
loose change
chewing gum

not very exciting, soz.

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Do you play piano (stupid question). Are you in London?

i’m just learning, i can play about two songs quite badly at the moment. i expect the session offers to start rolling in any minute.

Your own band or someone you went to see?

Hahaha I was going to say I could do with a pianist for some paid work! I have a great pianist I will be working with but he’s based in Oxford.

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My setlist

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It is basically a travelling bin.

I tend not to use a bag unless I absolutely have to for this reason.

My most regular use bag has:

1 chupa chups
1 tub of tic tacs
1 pine cone
1 stone
1 crow feather
3 small downy feathers
1 sparkly pony
1 small doll
unlimited wrappers and other rubbish
1 set of keys that no longer work as I’ve got new doors
hand sanitiser spray
adult mask
child mask
face spf
mini perfume
cocoa butter lip balm
handful of napkins from various cafe that are there for any emergency poo situation (M not me)
tangled up mess of earbuds
a metal thing that’s something to do with my bike, maybe
no purse so loose bank card somewhere in there
sanitary towels
a pen
2 wooden forks
2 Aquabead princesses
1 elastic band
a receipt I kept from a cafe because the order number on it was 69
1 pair of kids socks
2 vocalzones in case i lose my voice before a tour
about £1 in loose change
1 plastic kids phone
empty pot of bubbles
kids gloves
covid vaccine card

lol :grimacing: :see_no_evil:


DaKine rucksack:

Mini torch
A4 printout with some directions
Ear defenders
Mother’s day card
Clothes peg
Receipt for beers and chocolate

I recently cleared out and downsized my everyday bag so its not as interesting as it once was but…

  • Purse
  • Keys
  • Lipbalm x 2
  • Antibac hand gel
  • Sudocrem
  • Sanitary Towel
  • Tampon
  • Ibuprofen
  • Paracetamol
  • Piriton
  • Earphones
  • Facemask

1 mask
4 bungee cords

That makes me sound like a psycho, they’re for shopping! :sweat_smile:

1 x Padlock
1 x Gym Towel
2 x Shower Gels (almost empty)
1 x Pants (clean)
1 x Inhaler

I don’t really have a bag.

Well, I have about 50 bags, but I don’t have a bag I take out with me everywhere :woman_shrugging:

lip balm
2 face masks
small pack of tissues
pack of cleansing wipes
hand sanitiser
swiss army knife
nail file
makeup mirror
2 mascaras
2 sanitary towels
a chupa chups
a hairband

My bag has a lot of snacks and a lot of lipstick in it.

An empty lunchbox
A half full water bottle
A bunch of random post including the inexplicable letter that I, a 29 year old man, received for an over-60s community
A notebook
Hand wash
Face mask
A covid declaration form I had to sign

You can’t complain about the mail being delivered early!

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Fisherman’s Friends (honey & lemon sugar free variety)
Fold-up shopping bag
Hand gel
Sunscreen stick
Power bank
iPhone cable
MP3 player

Pouch containing:
Hair bobble
Lip balm
Nail clippers
Nail file
Mini hand cream
Brow pencil
Folding hairbrush / mirror thing
Tape measure (?!?)

Purse with money and cards in
Dog poo bags
Blue ball
In ear headphone in their little case
Multiple packs of tissues (yeah for hayfeaver)
Hand sanitizer
Tote bag
Scrunched up take out expresso cup
Couple of receipts

-hand sanny
-loose change
-mirror hair brush
-chewing gum
-tissue packet
-spare mask
-water bottle