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The fact that they pulled the same trick three times in a row - Bends / OKC / Kid A - of making the whole audience go “hang on what the fuck” on first hearing remains pretty impressive.


I like how Ed said that they felt with In Rainbows they had to make ‘one more big album’… as if having 3 massive albums already wasn’t enough! The thing is… they only went and bloody did it.

Radiohead. Good band.


New season starts next Monday. Still none the wiser on who it’ll be beyond it being an act with a relatively small back catalogue and from what I can tell, didn’t feature in the Season 6 bracket.



Happy with that choice.


Oh cool!

very unexpected! ive only heard miseducation as i expect will most people, and that’s not for a long time so this’ll be interesting.

i only started listening with the radiohead season and it’s been great, since it finished i’ve listened to pretty much all the muse season which has been fun, will prob just get back on with the new stuff as it goes out and do manics and billie at some point. good pod

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oh i’ve heard one fugees album too, again prob the one that everyone has heard i guess

ok having now listened to the episode i guess that’s most of her discography :grinning: literally had no idea ha


I thought @cloudb was joking for that very reason

Even with the Fugees albums bundled together in a single episode, they’re still managing to stretch it to 10 episodes somehow :flushed:

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*Wrong thread

can’t believe the shade these guys are throwing at scatterbrain :frowning_face:

Fully on board with scatterbrain shade - never did anything for me. There is one big one in my world that they really didn’t like though.

On the other hand, they’ve introduced me to this absolute all-timer of a Radiohead gig

‘Backdrifts’ better than on the album, and a really lovely reinterpretation of ‘Kid A’ (actually didn’t think they ever played that one live!)

I had to give up on the interview with the fan. I thought I’d be into it because the description mentioned “special interests” and tbh I definitely have felt that relationship with Radiohead myself (basically I didn’t have much interest in music until I randomly took ‘The Bends’ from my dad’s CD collection when I was 12 and since then became obsessed with Radiohead and then music generally) - but, yeah, then as nice as she seems, she doesn’t actually seem that arsed about most of what Radiohead have done

Yeah, she seemed much more about the parasocial relationship with the artists than the actual art, didn’t she? To each their own though and if that is how she relates to art then fair play as long as no-one gets hurt. Not much fun to listen to though.

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realised i didn’t post this. enjoy

  1. Take a Bow
  2. Supermassive Black Hole
  3. Undisclosed Desires
  4. Map of the Problematique
  5. Exogenesis part 1: Overture
  6. Resistance
  7. Uprising
  8. Starlight
  9. Exogenesis part 2: Cross Pollination
  10. Assassin (Grand Omega Bosses version)
  11. Exo Politics
  12. Knights of Cydonia
  13. Exogenesis part 3: Redemption

weirdly feel like the symphony works way better split up through the album, it brings it together as a whole and doesn’t feel tacked on after Knights or stuffed in somewhere else. Redemption is a lovely comedown after Knights too, never thought Knights was a great closer tbf tho. almost left off Starlight but i think it works better mid-album than it does up front. also the GOB version of Assassin is so sick, if you’ve not heard it you should really hear it

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actually listening to the rest of the season, i reckon there might be a good album to be made from the four albums i haven’t listened to. although that would mean properly listening to them all and it would only be a good album at best, so idk :man_shrugging:

Really struggling to get through the first of the Lauryn Hill MTV Unplugged episodes, just like I really struggle to get through Lauryn Hill MTV Unplugged.

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Haven’t caught up yet - enjoying the miseducation EPs though

I’ve ducked out of these episodes tbh