What Is Music podcast

Yeah, I’ve not tuned in for these either.

Tbf, the new ‘Sports’ episode is really good. Worth it if only for the Peter Beardsley rap.

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American Football and Ethel Cain? Reckon they’ll lurk on here…

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Dipping out for… 18 months then :sweat_smile: really tried to get into them this year but there’s nothing there for me at all. Might give the patreon a go in the meantime.

Really enjoyed the season on the Manic Street Preachers. But have struggled to engage with the other artists.

The episode with Michael Sheen is fantastic.


Not sure if I’ll have the stamina for an REM season (which is why I voted for Nirvana), the band will have to do some work to win me over.

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Have been meaning a proper REM trawl for a while. Might listen along properly. Will start with both best ofs this week, then do the albums s they come up.

Used to love them, or at least their commercial peak mid period stuff, but they lost me before I could get my head into the revered older stuff. Whenever I’ve tried a track from the older work it hasn’t grabbed me… until a few weeks ago when I heard So Central Rain and it piqued my curiosity.

Hoping to fall in love.


Really happy that the new season is R.E.M. I would have been pleased with either of the final choices but I like the fact that two of the hosts will be coming at most of these albums as first time listens which always makes their discussions interesting.

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Quite looking forward to this. Hope it gives me a new appreciation for the band in the same way the manics season did.

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i struggle to get through the best of tbh, some of it is incredible obviously but some of it is just the dullest shit. should be interesting :woozy_face:


I still need to catch up with the end of the Radiohead series!

Lovely bit of framing at the start of this week’s episode - great for someone like me who’d never really considered R.E.M’s origins before. I am ready and I am hyped.


Oops wrong thread

Second week and already on to our first discography detour :sweat_smile: